1. lesbian sex story.

    the credits started rolling and i turned to look at my beautiful girlfriend. she kissed my cheek and then my neck and that was it. i sat up, pulled her onto my lap and started violently kissing her lips and neck, while massaging her huge boobs. she was breathing in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, making me even more turned on. then she started gently biting my neck and i pulled her tight top off, and she did mine.
    she stood up and pushed me up against the wall and skillfully unclipped my bra with one hand. i pulled off her tight little mini skirt, revealing her lacey, see-through bra and her lovely nipples. i unclipped her bra and started kissing her chest, all around her boobs before she grabbed my hand and ran up stairs. once we got the the bedroom, she pinned me down and undressed the rest of me and kissed my neck, all down my chest, kissing and gently biting around my boobs and then took my panties off with her teeth.
    i bent my knees and she started licking and biting my inner thighs, making her way to my wet pussy. she slowly started to lick my clit, up and down and then everywhere else. then she slipped in a finger, then another, working up the pace. my moaning got louder and my pussy got wetter. she stopped, looked up at me and bite her lip and slightly smiled at me. then she started licking me and a sudden gasp escaped my lips and she groaned quietly. i arched my back and her tongue reached places which made me pull her hair and grab at the bed sheets. she gently started licking my hole and it felt so amazing.
    i finished and she started kissing her way back up to mouth, i know she loved it when i tasted myself.

    i flipped her onto her back and kissed her and dry humped her until she pushed my head down between her legs and stuck two fingers into her. she was dripping wet and i grinned at how excited she was. her groans made me wetter and i was in heaven. i stuck my tongue inside her and i could feel her grabbing at the sheets and arching her back, the toes curling and her tighs tightening around my head. i started writing the alphabet out with my tongue and she moaned and i got the Q her thighs started quivering and her breathing getting heavier and faster and she finished, and pulled me to her face and kissed me ravishingly. i started thrusting into her and she continued to moan.

    we collapsed on the bed and after 10 minutes, i got up to make a drink, came back up and she was dressed in the sluttiest but sexiest motherfucking outfit i’d ever seen - it was the tightest lace corset top, showing her cleveage and the tinyest panties, which were see through. even though, i’d seen her naked before a million times, this was like the first time. i put my drink on the side, and hoped her outfit wouldn’t be on for long..

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