1. Mr. Mungar

    "I’m gonna need you to stay after class, Arya," he says as he hands me back my test, the look on his sexy face  dripping with disappointment. He shakes his head and moves to the next person.  I look at my test and my eyebrows shoot up in disbelief. ‘Wow’, I think. ‘This is unbelievable.’ I sit rigid until the end of class, the shock of my mark freezing me. When the bell rings, I get startled out of my state and stand up, slowly packing my things. Everyone shuffles out of the class as if on robot-mode and I gracefully make my way to Mr. Mungar’s desk. I wait as the last students leave the class and the door shuts behind them with a "clunk".  Silence deafens the large room.  Mr. Mungar broke the silence by sighing loudly and heavily, his hands rubbing up and down his face, over his stubble. His sexy, sexy stubble.  "Why?" he asks me, looking me straight in the eyes. Those chocolate-brown eyes piercing into mine.  "Umm…" I start, finding it hard to say what I planned all class to say to him. "Umm, why what?" was my brilliant response.  "Do not play games with me, Arya. You have never gotten higher than a seventy percent in this class. Explain to me this mark." With that, he yanks the test from my hands, slams it on the table and jabs his finger at the mark.  All I could think about is how much I wanted to be that test. "I studied," I stated simply.  He looked at me with an indifferent look. "Studied."  "Yeah," I insisted. "I studied. Is that so hard to believe?" He sighed and rubbed his face again. Ugh, I wish he’d stop doing that. Doesn’t he realize how attractive it makes him? Meanwhile, I fumble with my fingernails like the sex goddess I am.  "Are you telling me the truth, Arya? Are you sure you didn’t cheat?"  "Mr. Mungar," I whine, desperately trying to make him understand I earned this mark. "Look at where is sit," I told him, pointing at my table on the other side of the room. "I’m surrounded by druggies. Are you telling me they get high marks? No, I didn’t think so." I brace my arms on his desk and lean forward so I can reach my test. "I," I stab the test angrily, just like he did, "earned this mark." I turn to look down on him to see his eyes transfixed on my body.  He sees me looking and clears his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he swallows. He clears his throat again and shuffles the papers on his desk. "Alright, then. If you say so, I’ll have to take your word for it." "Thank you," I say, truly grateful, and turn to leave.  "Wait," he says and stand up quickly. I see the giant bulge in his pants and smile inwards because I’m the cause of that, but I choose not to say anything. "Your test." "Thank you," I say again, smiling this time.  "Are you going home now?" he asks, looking a bit uncomfortable.  "Uh, yes?" I say in a questioning tone, silently asking him why he wanted to know. And silently hoping he’d come home with me.  "I was wondering if your dad was there. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a beer." "Oh," I sigh, not even bothering to hide the disappointment in my voice. I don’t care at this point, seeing as the boner in his pants was growing and the dress shirt he wore clung to his sculpted chest… He is such a turn on.  The thing is, Mr. Mungar and my dad are good friends, not because they went to school to school together or something. In fact, they’re nowhere near each other’s age. I heard my dad once say he’s "19 years younger than the chap", which would make Mr. Mungar 24 years old. Him and my dad are  just really good friends ever since they clicked at that one parent-teacher meeting.  "No," I say. "Him and mom went on a business trip for a week or so." His face turned this attractive red shade. "Want a ride home, anyway?" he asks.  My eyes widen as numerous fantasies flash through my mind. "Yeah, sure," I say, again not bothering to hide my excitement. Today, I will get him, I’ll make sure of it. "I have to stop at my locker though, so I’ll meet you at the back door?" "Okay," was his response as he turns and walks back to his desk. I see him trying to adjust his pants and I have to hold in a laugh as I walk out the door. When I’m done taking my things, I walk towards the back of the school where the parking lot is located. I see him waiting at the door for me, his scarf adjusted and his coat hugging his body. He looked like a fucking model, that’s how how he was.  I smile as I get closer and he smiles back, shamelessly checking me out from head to toe. He pushes open the door and holds it for me to walk through. I jokingly bow as I do, making him laugh. However, I take one step outside, I almost lose my balance; ice was covering almost every surface of the ground  Mr. Mungar grabs my arm and steadies me.  "Alright?" he asks.  I nod and look at the at the ice-covered parking lot in fear.  He laughs at me and holds his arm out, in which I loop mine around. We take a couple of steps and I almost fall again.  He can’t stop laughing.  I scowl at him and smack his chest. This time, I wrap both arms tightly around his waist. He stops laughing and looks down at me in surprise. I give him a questioning look as if to say ‘What? This is completely innocent.’ He purses his lips, but holds me tightly as we continue on our journey to his car.  After a couple of steps, I slip again, and my hand accidentally brushes his crotch. He hisses and his grips on me tightens. I look straight ahead, resisting the urge to smirk. Or touch his crotch again. Or kiss him. Or strip him naked and take him right in the middle of the parking lot.  We get to his car. Finally. I sigh in relief as we stand outside the passenger door. I let my arms fall from his waist slowly as to brush his crotch again. He grunts.  "Arya," he warns, his voice dangerous.  I can almost feel myself getting wet from his arousal. "Yeah?" I make my voice as innocent as I possibly can.  "Stop it." "Stop what, Mr. Mungar?" "Arya, stop. I’m your teacher. You cannot try things like that with me," he says, although his voice is apprehensive as if he wants me to argue with him.  And I do. I get serious now as I stand straight, looking up at him. "Do you know how long I’ve wanted you?" He grunts again. "Arya, I-" I cut him off. "No. Don’t tell me you don’t do the things you do on purpose, because I know you know they turn me on. So you stop it. Stop teasing me, already." I huff out a breath, which is visible in the cold winter air, and stare at him angrily.  "You’re telling me to stop?" he says back just as angrily. "You’re really telling me to stop when you’re the one going around school looking so fuckable, I can’t even handle myself." We stare at each other. Slowly, his words start to sink in… I shake my head in disbelief. "Wait, what? What are-" This time, he cuts me off my crashing his lips to mine. He kisses me roughly at first as if to take out his frustration, but as my arms wrap around his neck, he mellows down. The kiss turns sensual and slow and passionate, making me moan into his mouth. My hand sneakily travels down his body to his crotch and I give it a small squeeze.  He grunts in my mouth and that turns me on so much, I all but start humping him.  He tears himself away, staring at me in awe, breathing heavily.  "My house," I say as I open my door and climb in, shutting it in his stunned face. He stands there for a few seconds as if clearing his thoughts, but then shakes his head and makes his way to the other side of the car. He turns it on and immediately speeds out of the parking lot, taking the short way to my home.  He looks over at me a couple of times as if expecting me to give him a handjob in the car. Hah. I smirk at him evilly. Not gonna happen.  As soon as we get to my driveway, he shuts the engine and climbs out of the car, almost running to open the door for me.  I hold in a laugh again. He wouldn’t find his nervousness funny, but I think it’s adorable. It’s not that I’m not nervous, I’ve just been planning this for a long time. I realize now how creepy that makes me sound… I fumble with my house keys as nervousness now starts creeping up on me. We get into the house. All is quiet. I let him shut the door as I make my way upstairs, giving him the choice to follow. Of course, he followed. When I get to my room, I drop my bag onto my floor and take my coat off. Then my shoes, and put them both in my closet.  He just stands there, leaning on the doorframe, watching me.  I find my sweats and make my way to the bathroom so I could change, but he’s blocking my path.  "Excuse me," I say.  "Where are you going?" he asks me, his voice sounding amused.  "To change in the washroom," I tell him. "So move." He laughs. "I don’t think so," he says menacingly and steps forward, making me step back. He closes the door behind him and takes off his coat, throwing it on my bed. Then, he crosses his arms and stares at me.  "What?" I say, looking behind me as if he’s not looking at me.  "Well?" He motions with his hand. "Go ahead and change." My mouth drops open. "What?" He walks the three steps it takes to get right in my face. He looks me in the eyes. "Change," he growls. "Or I’ll do it for you." I feel an evil smile creeping up on my face. "Oh, really?" I challenge. "In that case, I don’t wanna change." He growls again and kisses me with so much force that I stumble back and he had to catch me. He puts his hand on the small of my back and presses me against him. I can feel every contour of his body, but mostly his hard on pushing agains my crotch. I moan as I grind against him, making him grunt.  How I love his grunts. They make me wet every time. I can’t help my hands as they move to his buttons, slowly undoing each one as our tongues fight for dominance. I manage to get three buttons undone before he grabs my hands and sticks them in the air. He then swiftly takes my sweater off, leaving me in a tank top and bra.  Then he all but rips the tank top off, staring at my chest with such hunger that it makes my pussy actually throb. I slam myself into him as we go into another kissing frenzy. This time, he moves to my neck and sucks at the skin there, making me go weak at the knees. I buckle against him and he hold me up. I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist as he drops us on the bed.  He breaks off the kiss to sit up and unbutton his shirt one button at a time. I get frustrated at his slowness, so I sit up with my legs still wrapped around him and rip open his shirt. Luckily, no buttons tear off. I push the dress shirt off his shoulders to see he’s wearing a wife beater underneath. I groan in frustration.  He laughs at me but quickly discards of the piece of clothing. Now, I’m left staring at his bare chest. His abs are defined, but not too defined. I run my hands over them slowly, pressing my palms against his chest as I move up to squeeze his nipple. He groans and grabs my head to kiss me. He tries to push me back down, but I quickly push him on the shoulder and roll on top of him. I balance myself so I’m straddling him and attack his face with my lips. I kiss every surface until our lips meet and he stops.  Our mouths are open, but none of us is moving. We’re breathing each other’s hot air, making the whole moment so much more sensual. Slowly, very slowly, he moves his lips against mine and I kiss him back. We’re taking our time now, no longer in a rush. I start to grind against him as I tangle my hands in his hair. His hands go on my ass, grabbing it and massaging it. I moan and he groans. The whole moment is so heated that I almost cum when he thrusts his pelvis up into me.  I break off the kiss in surprise and pleasure at the sudden motion, lifting my head up and throwing it back as I moan. He hisses as he moves his hands from my ass to my breasts, massaging them through my bra. Again, I moan. This is complete bliss. I start grinding harder on him as he unhooks my bra. I take it off and fling it across the room, almost losing balance, so I put my hands on his chest to steady myself.  He holds my waist. "You are so sexy," he says, his voice hoarse.  "Couldn’t have told me that before?" I ask jokingly and shimmy myself down so my head is at his crotch. I slowly start unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them off him. He helps me take them off and flings them like I did with my bra. I see his hard cock poking through his boxers, my mouth literally watering and my hand instinctively rubs it. He moans, staring down at me. "Definitely should’ve told you," he says.  I smirk at him and pull his boxers down, maintaining eye contact at all times. He watches me, the look on his face containing so much lust, I’m surprised I didn’t jump on him right then. Once his boxers are off, I take his hard cock into my hands, just staring at it. It’s huge. I stare more, thinking ‘How the fuck am I going to put this in me?’ He reaches his hand to my face and tilts it up so I’m looking at him. "What’s wrong?" he asks, genuinely looking concerned.  "Nothing," I say, shaking my head. "Absolutely nothing." With that, I smirk at him and slowly descend my head, taking his cock into my mouth.  He moans deeply as I lick the slick, mushroom-shaped head. His hand tangles in my hair gently as he waits for me to so more.  But I won’t. I quickly pop his shaft out of my mouth and get off the bed. He looks at me in panic.  "What - What are you doing?" he asks, his voice frantic.  ‘Think fast,’ I tell myself. "I’m, umm, thirsty," I say to him as I make my way to the door.  "WHAT!?" he yells and jumps off the bed. He pins me on the door and gets dangerously close to my face, his harder-than-ever cock pressing on my stomach. "I know what you should drink," he whispers and starts kissing my neck.  I moan as my hands find their way to his butt - his perfect butt. I roam my hands around that area and he moves his way down to my breasts, taking one of the nipples into his mouth and massaging the other. Feeling his hot mouth against my breast and the cold door against my back intensifies my emotions and I all but grab his cock.  This time, I push him up against the door and get on my knees. It’s at the perfect level as I put it all in my mouth, not even bothering to tease. He growls like an animal, his hands tangling in my hair again as I start sucking and twirling my tongue around his delicious shaft. He’s moaning every once in a while, each time getting me more fired up as I hungrily suck him. My hands roam his body on their own; one is massaging his balls and the other digging my nails in his abs.  Eventually, I start to slow down and really enjoy him. I take his whole shaft out of my mouth and it bobbles in front of me. I blow on it, the cool air making him hiss and thrust his pelvis in my face. I just open my mouth and let him take control as he slides in and out. He fucks my face, turning me on even more as I look up at him. His eyes are closed, the look of pure pleasure on his face and his hands are on my head, holding me still as he thrusts. I moan because of his pleasure. This tips him, making his hips move faster in and out of my mouth.  I then decide it’s time for me to gain control again as I put my hands on both sides of his hips, effectively stopping his movements. I look up to see him staring down at me, his eyes blazing, silently begging me to finish him.  And so I do. I wrap both my hands and my mouth on his shaft, jacking him off as I suck on his head. I squeeze hard as I rub him up and down, hearing his grunt and groans, sucking hard on the tip of his cock.  "Shit," he pants. "Oh, fuck." That said, his cock twitches in my mouth and I feel his cum run down my throat. I swallow it and the loads after that, enjoying their taste as I look at his face. His eyes are closed again and his mouth is open, his hips slowly pumping in and out as he empties himself in my mouth, grunting in pleasure now and then.  When he finishes, I lick him well, his dick staying semi-hard. He pulls me up and hugs me, burying his head in my neck as he instantly starts kissing it. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and he picks me up, making his way to the bed again. He throws me on it and starts to unbutton my pants, taking them down but leaving my panties.  "You tried to tease me, huh?" he asks me, his voice sounding sexier than I’ve ever heard it. "Good try." He starts rubbing me through my underwear; slow, gentle circles, making me moan as he gets on top of me.  "Tell me, love: are you thirsty anymore?" His rubbing starts getting faster, his other hand slithering up to massage my breast.  "No," I moan. My back arches in pleasure, my chest almost to his face.  He takes one of my nipples in his mouth and yanks on it with his teeth, sending waves of pure pleasure throughout my body. I pant.  He sucks on the same nipple and lets it go, making me sink back into the bed. Looping his fingers around my underwear, he slowly takes them off, kissing every centimeter of skin the fabric leaves behind. Again, he flings them across the room. He sits back, staring at me.  I start to get a little self-conscious and bring my arms around as if to cover myself.  "No," he mumbles, pushing my arms away so they’re on either side of me. "Don’t cover yourself. My god, you’re incredibly beautiful, do you know that?" He stares right into my eyes and I see a bunch of emotions run through his.  A blush starts creeping up my cheeks at his compliment and I break eye contact, looking at the ceiling. I huff out a breath, trying not to be overwhelmed. "Thank you," I whisper, looking back at him.  The look on his face… Love. It was love. But it couldn’t be love; he can’t love me. As soon as I realize this, tears well up in my eyes, making him seem a little blurry. He leans into me and kisses my cheek. "You’re welcome," he tells me, and makes his way down.  The pleasure makes me forget everything else as I feel his hot breath on my nipple. He nips at it, pulling it, sucking it, biting it, while his hand massages the other. I’m moaning like crazy, almost orgasming right then. He eventually moves on, seeing my desperation as I thrust my hips up into his. Moving down, he kisses me stomach and the top part of my crotch. I willingly spread my legs for him.  Again, he stares down at my pussy, then up at my face. "So beautiful," I hear him mumble as he lowers his head. Slowly, incredibly slowly, he licks the entire length of my pussy, from my hole to my clit, making my whole body shiver from the pleasure. He then moves to the inside of my thighs, kissing all along there. I writhe with frustration, growling when he won’t give attention to my pussy.  Hoping he’d get the message, I thrust up at his face, but he stealthily avoids it and keeps on kissing my thighs. I growl again. "For fuck’s sake!" I yell and grab his head, shoving it in my pussy. He laughs, his shoulders shaking and his hot breath making my clit pulse. Kissing my outer lips, he moves his hand up to massage my breast, kneading it and pinching my nipple.  I moan urgently, wanting more. And he gives me more. He takes his hand back and spreads my lips far apart, flicking his tongue back and forth on my clit. I squeal and grab his hair, which only urges him further. Mercilessly, he shoves two fingers inside me while sucking hard on my clit.  I yell out in pain. "FUCK!" Tears well up in my eyes and I feel him stop. He quickly crawls up to my face.  "Shit, Arya. Shit," he whispers in panic. "Is this your first time?" he asks me.  I can only nod in shame, my tears not from the pain anymore, but from the fact that someone as sexy and experienced as him is actually with an amateur virgin like me.  "I’m so sorry, Arya. Why didn’t you tell me? Shit, I’m so sorry," he keeps mumbling as he hugs me.  "You’re not mad?" I ask him.  He stares at me like I’m crazy. "No! What? Are you crazy? I’m not mad, Arya, I just wish you would’ve told me so I wouldn’t have hurt you." "I didn’t wanna seem like… like…" I can’t finish my sentence, but hang my head down in embarrassment instead.  "Hey, it’s okay. Truth be told, I would’ve made love to you anyway," he said, his voice sounding so sincere. I quickly regain myself. Clearing me throat, I tell him, "Well then, carry on," giving him a mischievous wink. He grins back. "Are you sure?" "Just go," I urged him. "Before I lose me horniness." He chuckles as he makes his way to my pussy again, continuing where he left off. This time, he slowly inserted his fingers, looking up at me for any signs of pain. All he got was me moaning.  So he continued pumping his fingers in and out of me, his tongue expertly flicking my clit and occasionally sucking on it, making me feel things I never knew I could feel. My moans became louder and louder as he brought his hand up to pinch my nipples. Hard. I screamed in pleasure. His fingers curled and started pumping faster, making me feel even better, if that was possible. I think that’s when he hit my g-spot. His fingers pumping my pussy, his mouth sucking my clit, his hand pinch my nipples, his groans, my moans, it was all too much.  A burning feeling started in my stomach, growing until it reached my pussy. I screamed out as a burst of pleasure spread throughout my entire body. It felt like I was floating and being pushed down at the same time. My mind was buzzing and so was my clit. He slowed his actions down, but still kept going, making my orgasm last and last… My moaning started dying down as I finished, laying there panting. I feel him withdraw his fingers and I grunt, wanting them back in there. He crawls up to my face and kisses me slowly, passionately. I’m able to taste myself on his mouth, but that turns me on even more as I reach around him and run my fingers across his back.  "Ready for more?" he asks me with a sexy smirk.  "Oh god, yes," I moan.  "Fuck," he says, burying his head into my neck and sucks, probably giving me a hickey. "I love it when you moan." And I moan for him. "I love it when you grunt," I whisper to him as if it’s a secret. "Makes you sound so sexy." He locks eyes with me and we look at each other.  I brush his hair back from his forehead, my fingers lingering on the side of his face. "You’re beautiful," I tell him.  He shakes his head at me. "You’re beautiful," he says. "You’re so beautiful." I smile at his gorgeous face, wanting to stay this way forever. This would be perfect if it was forever.  Suddenly, he gets off of me. I stare at him, confused. ‘Is he seriously leaving?’ I think. But no, he goes to where his jeans are sprawled on the floor and pulls out a condom.  "Gotta be responsible!" he sings as he jumps back in bed.  I laugh at him. "You’re such a child," I say.  "Think before you say anything, Arya. If I were a child, this would make you a pedophile," he says in all seriousness.  I scoff. "But aren’t you a pedophile right now?" My eyes widen in realization to what I’ve said. ‘Oh my god, I’m an idiot,’ I think.  He, however, laughs it off. "But I’m a sexy pedophile," he says as he rolls on top of me and puts on the condom.  That’s when I see his dick is hard again. Oh sweet Jesus, it looks so delicious.  "Ready?" he asks, and kisses me.  I breathe in. "Ready." "Relax," he tells me as he slowly pushes his shaft into my tight hole. He grunts on top of me, looking like he wants to shove it in there, but he restrains himself. He pushes in extremely slow, little by little, letting me get used to him.  Before I know it, all of him is inside me, and it feels… incredible. I throw my head back and wait for him to do it again. He does, withdrawing his shaft and pushing in again, a little bit faster this time. I full-on moan.  "Oh god, that feels so good," I say in his ear.  "You’re so fucking tight," he grunts back, moving his hips back and forth against mine. Soon, he’s picking up speed and I’m moaning about how good it feels. His hand finds its way down to play with my clit, only adding to the pleasure. As if I didn’t have enough, he also starts sucking my nipples - more biting them than sucking.  "Fuck - fuck yes!" I scream.  "Moan my name," he says to me. I oblige. "Yes, Mr. Mungar, fuck me." He pounds me harder, both of us breathing heavy as I feel his whole cock in me.  "Oh my god," I pant and grab the covers around me. "Yes! Ugh! Fuck! FUCK!"  He brings me to another earth-shattering orgasm, making me shut my eyes tight as I try to cope with all the feelings. "Fuck, you’re so hot," he pants in my ear, his thrusting slowing down as I enjoy my orgasm.  I open my eyes and look at his gorgeous face slowly moving up and down because of his thrusts. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe this gorgeous man is here in my bed, fucking me. "You’re amazing," I tell him, and I mean it.  He grins at me and rolls over. "Let’s try another position. You’re in charge now, baby," he tells me with a wink.  I give him a wicked grin as I position him above my pussy. Just when I’m about to slam myself down, the phone decides to ring. We both groan in frustration at the same time, making him laugh.  "Go get it," he says.  "I don’t wanna," I whine as I sink in him and throw my head back, moaning.  He grunts. "Dammit, Arya," he says as he reaches on my nightstand for the phone. Grabbing it, he throws it on my stomach. "Answer." I scowl at him and casually sit on his dick. Looking at my phone, I see it’s my mom calling. My eyes widen and I look at him in panic.  "What?" he asks, grabbing my hips and slowly rolling around in me.  My breathing gets quicker. "It’s my mom," I tell him, my voice sounding scared.  "Answer it," he says wickedly, but stopping his actions.  I press the answer button. As soon as I say "Hey mom," he grabs my hips and slams himself into me. I gasp in pleasure and try so hard not to scream.  "Hi, sweetie. Are you alright?" she asks as Mr. Mungar keeps pounding me. "You sound a little breathless." I beg him with my eyes to stop, but all I get in return is a wild grin as he keeps thrusting into me. "Uhhuh," I pant. "I just - I just ran from the shower and," I let out a small moan, "and I got a little tired." I mouth to him to stop, fiercely punching his chest. Je just laughs and continues on.  "Are you hurt? What’s the matter? Why do you sound like you’re in pain?" she asks me, sounding worried. And she should be, what with her daughter fucking her history teacher while talking to her mother. Mr. Mungar picks up speed, slamming into me faster and faster.  "Yes, yeah, I’m - ugh - I’m fine," I say breathlessly. Covering the phone with my hand, I let loose a long moan and he groans underneath me. I put the phone back to my ear and say, "I fell down, so…" "You need to be careful, honey," she tells me.  "I know, mom. I am," I tell her and I feel my orgasm coming closer as he massages my breasts.  "I’ll call you later, honey. We love you," she says sweetly. I’m almost there.  "I love you, too, mom," I say and instantly hang up. Throwing the phone on the floor, I let out all the screams I held back and orgasmed on his dick at the same time as I felt his cum shooting out. "I love you," I moan deeply.  He groans and continues to thrust into me slowly. I let myself fall forward and nestle my head in the crook of his neck. He stops thrusting but stays inside me, both of breathless, our arms wrapped around each other.  After a few minutes of laying there, panting, he kisses the top of my head. "I love you, too," he says.  I look at him in surprise, but when I see the gentle look on his face, I know he means it. So I smile, and let it be.

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