1. Late night surprise (Exotica)

    The heels of my five inch stilettos clicked against the wet pavement as I made my way to the grand entrance of the luxurious Manhattan high rise. It was a little after twelve and I was stopping by to make a very “special” and much needed visit to my lover’s. I greeted the doorman with a warm smile as he held the door. Pressing the up button for the elevator, I couldn’t help but bite my lip. The thought of the look on his handsome face sent warm chills through my body. Boy how I’ve missed him. 

    As soon as the elevator doors opened, I quickly made my way inside, ready to get what I’ve been deprived of for the past few weeks. A young couple joined me on the way up. I graced them with one of my Miss America smiles. The guy pressed the button for the ninth floor. I pressed the button for the fourteenth floor. As soon as the doors closed, the two began a little make out session, laughing and giggling with one another. I thought it was cute, kind of reminding me of me and my Italian lover, Dominic. They got off on the ninth floor.

    “Could this thing move a little faster?” I questioned no one in particular out loud, referring to the elevator. I was growing inpatient as thoughts of our last encounter flashed through my mind. I had damn near cried when he had gotten up the next morning to make his flight. By the time I reached my designated floor, I was good and ready to go. I looked down at my black peep-toes and checked my fresh pedicure. I wanted to make sure every inch of me was perfected. I had plans to have his attention given to every part of my body.

    Standing in front of his door, took a minute to calm my nerves. I wasn’t really nervous, but excited.  I pulled out my Blackberry and dialed his number, opting to use the element of surprise. I would lead him to me. Before he answered, I quietly turned my key in the lock, letting myself in. The place was quiet and the living room was dark. I searched my way through the large space, trying to find the couch. I could hear his phone going off, and it caused me to smile. I sat down on the couch just as soon as he picked up.

    “Hey, baby.” His voice was deep and sexy, sounding a bit groggy, as he answered. I figured he’d be sleep.

    “Hi, Love.” I spoke softly and low, making sure not to blow my cover. I crossed my legs to control the pressure building between my thighs. “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

    “No. I’m up. I’m up.” He lied. I could hear him shifting around.

    “Good. I really miss you. I mad you I didn’t get to see you earlier. My boss had me close the boutique tonight.” I pouted.

    “I know. It sucks. I wanted to show you just how much I’ve been thinking about you.” He teased, lust filling his once tired voice.

    “Mmmm. You have know idea how much I’d like that.” I continued speaking softly.

    “C’mon, bay. Don’t moan like that. You know what it does to me.” He chuckled, but I knew he was dead serious.

    “Well, I stopped by earlier and left you a gift in the living room. Why don’t you go and check it out?”

    “Milani, can I check it out in the morning? I have a meeting tomorrow. Its kind of hard for me to catch some sleep as is.” He said, yarning.

    “But baby! I went all out for you! Please? Pretty peas?” I asked in my innocent voice. I could hear him sigh before getting out the bed.

    “Fine baby. But you owe me when I see you.” He warned playfully. That will be sooner then he thought.

    The light from the hall that leads to his room went off. I grew excited. Any second now my love would be walking in to see me sitting on the couch, dressing in a black, mid-thigh trench and a sexy pair of hills. The only thing underneath was a lacy navy thong. The living room light cut on and a surprised, yet thrilling look crossed his beautiful face. That was quickly replaced by a lustful grin. I hung up the line, placing my phone back in my bag. He approached my slow, shaking his head. I looked him over. He only had on a pair of long black sweatpants. His beautifully sculpted chest and abs had me almost watering at the mouth. He was athletic build, but not to big.

     He bit into my lip as his tall frame now hovered above me. I wanted to reach out and touch his smooth, tan skin. I looked into his dark-blue eyes, staring into my light brown eyes. I stood up, my face reaching only up to his chest, and that’s in heels. We didn’t speak as he embraced me into a tight warm hug. He smelled fresh. After a few minutes I pulled back, slowly undoing my coat. I let it drop to the floor, revealing my smooth, soft brown, buttery skin, the color of melted caramel. He licked his lip as his eyes gazed me. I giggled and pushed him back a bit, turning around so he could get a view of his favorite. My ass.

     I teasingly lifted my long, silky jet black hair that stopped a little below mid back. I felt his fingers pressing into the deep dimples of my lower back. He always got turned by them. He pulled me into him and I could feel his erection pressing against me. He tilted my hand to the side before kissing my neck, knowing that was my pleasure spot. My knees buckled when he start sucking there. I let out a soft moan and closed my eyes. He turned me to face him before gently planting a deep kiss on my lips. Our tongues danced around in longing and passion. He grabbed hold of both my thighs, coaxing me to wrap them around him. I did so, jumping up into him, our lips never parting. Expertly, he carried me to his room. I shut of the lights on the way.

    Soon as we got to his room, he gently laid me on the bed before walking over and cutting the bedroom lights on. I sat up on my knees and motioned him over with my finger. He stood at the end of the bed and smirked. I crawled over to him and began kissing above the waistband of his pants, my lips working the way up slowly to his neck. I let my hand travel inside his pants and past his boxer. He groaned at my warm touch. My free hand made its way into his luxurious black hair. As I lay back, I pulled him with me. I backed up to the headrest and spread my legs, making way for him to lie in between. He began kissing his way down my body, sucking and licking as he went along. His hands gripped the firm 34C cups of my breast, then gently let them glide over my harden nipples. I shivered at the feel. His touch was sending vibrations through my body that landed between my legs. I was get wetter by the second. His lips wrapped around the nipple of my right breast as his hand occupied the other. His free hand found its way outside the wetness of my thong. He rubbed up and down the lips before sliding the thong aside and rubbing my clit. I squirmed and bit my lip. It all so damn good. His mouth showered my left breast with the same attention as he had the right before kissing down my stomach stopping to lick and nibble on my navel ring, sliding my thong off as he did so. Anticipation build up as he neared my love zone.

    I bit my lip, watching him go down on me. He kissed up and down both my legs slowly, stopping at the crease of both my thighs to purposely avoid my agony. He was always such a tease. Soon, his face was center between my legs, close enough to feel every breath he took. He blew gently on my throbbing clit, cause my body to tremble in ecstasy. His lips captured my pearl, and the piercing rest above it, sucking them both. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my back arched. I cursed and grabbed a hold of his head. He began licking, biting, sucking and finger me in such a way my legs shock uncontrollable. I bit my lip to keep from yelling out as I threw my head back. He let me come on his tongue two good times, my body shaking as if I was having a seizure. We kissed deeply as he slowly slid into me, causing my nails to dig into him in response to his fullness. He was a bit huge, but I wasn’t complaining. It was always worth the pain. He began stroking my slow and deep, pumping inch by inch into my body.

    Flipping me over onto my stomach, he filled my from behind, taking hold a hand full of my hair and pulling my face up. I arched my back as he pumped, picking up pace. Soon he was beating into me hard, deep and full of burning passion. All I could do was cry out in pure pleasure, my hands gripping tightly to the sheets. I through it back at him, not missing a beat. He grunted in my ear before sucking on my neck. His free hand played with my clit. I used my hand to push behind me, trying to stop him. I wanted to get on top. He knew it. He pulled out and rolled unto his back, pulling me unto of him before he eased back inside me. I leaned forward and rested my hands on either side of his head, gripping into the pillow. I started in slow circles then began rocking back and forward as well. Soon my pace was at its max as I bounded up and down, him gripping my waist. I cursed repeatedly as I took him deep inside with each stroke. Both our body were sweating and on a high. I could tell he was getting ready to explode, and as I was I for the fifth time that night. I picked up pace as much as I could, wanting to come with him. Both our bodies drained themselves completely. I lay on top of him, barley capable of breathing. After twenty minutes, I rolled off of him and lay on my back.

    “Damn. Next time I have to go away, I’m taking you with me.” Dominic said, cracking a smile.

    “That you should, love.” I giggled giving him a kiss before getting out of bed. “Now come on. Lets, take a shower and clean up.”

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