1. Drummers Do It With A Bang

    I’m one of three girls in a competitive indoor drumline group.

    The rest is 50 boys.

    50 muscular, hot, sweaty boys who I get to see everyday for three hours banging on battery drums.

    SInce we all practice together so much, we’ve all gotten really close and have slumber parties at everyone’s houses. The girls stay over a lot too. 

    One night, after a competition about an hour away, we all crashed at one of the snare players house. The floor space was limited so he and I shared the couch. About half way through the night, he asked if we wanted to go upstairs to his room to share the bed (to be more comfortable)

    We go up to his room and climb into bed. He immediately wraps his arms arounf me and starts kissing my neck. I started to giggle and I asked what he was doing. He said “I’ve been waiting to do this all season”.

    I was a little giddy and nervous at the beginning so he took it slow. Then he started to lift up my shirt and play with my tits. I then started getting really hot.. We took off each other’s clothes and we fucked in every position we could think of. He pulled my hair and mounted me, slamming into me with his cock that was bigger than I fantasized about. He had to keep covering my mouth because we thought we would wake the others downstairs. He fucked me hard, panting in my ear and kissing all over my body. I came so much I was trembling by the end of it.

    We slept through the rest of the night and came downstairs to all the other boys whistling.

    They obviously heard what happened that night.

    True story.

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