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    Mr. Mungar Part 2 

    Mr. Mungar Part 2

    So here’s a second Mr. Mungar… It may not be as good as the first but nevertheless, enjoy. :)

    “Fuck me,” I say as soon as I cross the threshold into his classroom. 

    His pen jerks from his hand and skids across the tidy paper. “Um, what?”

    I stomp over to where is he, feeling so turned on, I’m scared I’m going to burst. He’s sitting on his spinny chair and turns around to face my wild self, his legs open and waiting. Mine. He’s mine. 

    I see my hand reaching over to his shirt and grabbing it, pulling him up so he’s towering over me. Our lips hover in front of each other, the distance separating them so thin, it shouldn’t even exist. I feel his hot breath and the smell of his aftershave hitting me in one blow, and I resist the urge to slap him for being so fucking irresistible.

    He doesn’t do anything, just stands there, his body pressed against mine, waiting for my next move. “Screw you, why are you so damn hot?” I growl as my frustration gets the best of me and I push him back in his chair. 

    He lands on it heavily, making it start to roll backwards. Before I can react, he grabs my wrist and pulls me onto his lap. I lay there, awkwardly scrambled as the chair slowly stops rolling. He picks me up, his hands firmly gripping my thighs, and places me in the right position on his lap with my legs on either side of him. 

    And yes, I’m extremely aware of his nice, jean-covered bulge pulsing against my pelvis. 

    “Hi,” he breathes in as he caresses my back. 

    “Hello there, Mr. Mungar,” I reply as seductively as I can. 

    “So what did you come in here to ask me?” he almost sings in a smug voice. 

    “I was just wondering… Do you have an extra pen I could borrow or something?”

    “Oh,” he says, pushing me off his lap. “Yeah, here.” Throwing me the pen he had in his hand, he rolls his chair back to his desk and continues working. 

    “Oh my god,” I mutter in disbelief. I gently put the pen back on his desk. “K.”

    “No! Please not the ‘K’!” he says dramatically, putting his hand to his heart. “C’mere.”

    I walk and stand right in front of him. I literally told him to fuck me, I hope he isn’t expecting me to make another move. 

    As he stands up, he touches his forehead to mine. “You know I would, Arya… You know I would, but we’re at school. What do you expect me to do?”

    I fiddle with his collar. “Don’t you have, like, a lock to this classroom?”

    “Can’t you wait?”

    “I won’t be as turned on tonight as I am right now, Mr. Mungar,” I say in what I hope is a super-sexy voice. 

    He groans deeply and tilts his head back so he’s staring at the ceiling. His perfectly-sculpted neck is right in front of my face, just waiting to be kissed. And that’s exactly what I do. 

    As he’s pondering my sexual offer, I start slowly kissing his neck, making my way across his Adam’s apple, to his jawline, and back all around. 

    “Arya…” he groans. Ugh, that sound is just the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, except for the sound he makes when he cums. Yeah, nothing can beat that. 

    “Mhm?” I respond as I continue kissing him, slowly pushing his head down so I can reach his lips. 

    Just as I’m about to touch them, he grabs my face and kisses me full-force. I try to gasp in surprise but he’s got his lips on me so tight, all I can do is close my eyes and enjoy it. 

    And he doesn’t let up for quite a while, tangling his hands in my hair as he takes complete control of the kiss. I don’t even mind, I’m probably enjoying this more than he is. 

    Then, there’s a knock on the door. We jump apart so quickly, I think I actually heard the whoosh of air our bodies made. 

    My eyes are wide as I stare at the door, just knowing the principal or someone is on the other side and waiting for them to come in, throwing accusations everywhere. Then I look at him, trying to calm myself, but the panicked look in his eyes didn’t really help. 

    “Sit,” he mouthed as he motioned to the chair in front of his desk. As I sat on the student chair, he sat on his own and we both bent our heads so it looked like he was helping me on something. 

    I almost laughed at the situation. Almost.

    “Come in,” he shouts at the door. 

    Mrs. Hodd strolls inside in all her merry attitude, acting like everything around her was bunnies playing on grass. “Hello, Mr. Mungar,” she chirps.

    “Hello, may I help you with something?” The irritation in his voice was obvious as hell, but Mrs. Hodd would never catch it in her wildest dreams. 

    “Yes, I was wondering if we’ve rescheduled the history test for Monday. Or is it still this Friday?”

    Mr. Mungar looks like he wants to slap her. I have to look at my feet so I don’t laugh. “It’s still Friday,” he says. 

    “Well, oki-doki then,” Mrs. Hodd sings and rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet. 

    There’s silence in the room. Will this woman leave? Dear mother of Jesus. 

    I clear my throat, thinking it’d make the situation less awkward. But no, it just amplified the giant silence hanging there. 

    “Well, as you can see, we’re extremely busy,” Mr. Mungar finally says. 

    “Oh, okay.” And she turns to leave. Thank the lord. 

    Mr. Mungar walks with her and smiles politely as she exits. Then, he takes out his keychain and locks the giant, wooden door. And he turns to me. 

    I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or not, so I just say, “Aw, I was hoping that test would be moved to Monday…”

    He snorts and comes back to me. “I locked the door,” he whispers as he pulls me up from my chair. 

    “Why did you lock the door?” I ask, wanting to hear him say it.

    His face inches towards mine as he brushes a lock of hair behind my ear. “Because I’m about to fulfill your request.”

    I breathe in deeply, my whole body getting excited for what I knew would happen. “And what request is that?”

    He smirks at me and slowly brushes his lips against my cheek. “We’re going to fuck, Arya.”

    Involuntarily, I suck in a breath, my knees almost giving out. 

    He chuckles in my ear, a laugh so deep and sexy and lust-filled that I could feel myself getting wet. “Yeah, we are. And I’m going to make you really glad you came in here today.”

    A whimper escapes me and my hands start trembling. I am so, so turned on right now. 

    He pulls his face away from mine and touches our foreheads again. After giving me a quick peck, he raises his eyebrow and asks, “You okay with that?”

    Meanwhile, my mind was already skipping through different scenarios of what he’d do to me. I whimper once again. “Please.”

    The last thing I see is his mind-boggling smirk before I close my eyes and let his lips massage mine. Slowly, he takes his time to taste me, kissing me like he’s discovering my mouth from corner to corner. 

    Then I start to speed things up and suck on his tongue. He growls and both his hands slap down on my ass. He grabs my buttocks and kneads them while pushing my pelvis towards his. There’s so much to feel at the same time that I have to break away from the kiss to grind on him. 

    He starts kissing my neck, all the while thrusting himself into me. His hard bulge is making my head reel and I grab onto his shoulders to keep myself steady. He then picks me up and sits me on his table. Getting between my legs, he starts unbuttoning his shirt. 

    “I’ve always wanted to do you on a table,” he tells me as he continues to unbutton. Okay, no matter how much I love seeing him in sexy dress shirts, the devils are a pain to remove. So I start helping him, my hands frantically unbuttoning. 

    “Next time, you’re wearing a normal fucking shirt,” I growl. 

    “Ouu,” he grins. “Next time, hmm?”

    I think I blush because he laughs and kisses my cheek. Then his shirt is on the floor. 

    Sweet… Baby… Jesus… Mother of all that is holy, how is it possible? He is so beautifully built, I’m honestly speechless.

    So I say the two words that are overpowering all others: “Fuck me.”

    He growls and lunges for me, kissing me fiercely as he pulls at my shirt. We break as it passes over my head and continue kissing frantically, me running my nails over his back and him working on my bra. 

    “Oh my god, just take it off!” he shouts in frustration. 

    I laugh at him and reach behind me to unlock the bra. His eyes are hungry, staring at my chest, waiting for the prize. I slowly let the straps fall from my arms and remove the bra. He stares at my breasts and his eyes flick to my face as if asking for permission. 

    As if he needs permission. Nonetheless, “All yours,” I say and he wastes no time as he immediately bites my left nipple. “OH MY GOD!” I scream, the pain and pleasure ripping through me. 

    He becomes tender with my left breast, trying to make it less painful as he sucks the living daylights out of it. Meanwhile, his hand is playing with my other nipple, squeezing it and twisting it in all directions, making me go slightly crazy from the pleasure. 

    As if I didn’t have enough, he also starts grinding his pelvis onto mine, his bulge stimulating my clit through the layers of fabric between us. 

    His grinding starts the pick up in speed as well as force. He basically pushes me back on the table as he forces our lower bodies to mesh and sucking my nipples at the same time. 

    “Yes… Yes, yes, oh my god,” I pant as I feel myself getting closer. 

    Then he stops. 

    “No!” I almost cry. “No, please, I’m so close.”

    He kisses me shortly and starts unbuttoning my pants. “Take them off,” he orders me as he gets to work on his. My pussy is pulsing, so close to the edge. I shakily take them off along with my panties, just wanting relief already. So close…

    I see him walk naked to the other side of his desk and reach into his bag, pulling out a condom. “Do you always carry those around?” I ask, trying to mask the painful need in my voice.

    “I never know with you, babe. You’ll pop up anywhere,” he laughs as he walks towards me, casually rolling the condom over his hard dick. 

    Awh damn, I didn’t even get a chance to taste that beautiful monster. 


    I whimper. “Yes, ready, please.”

    This man… This man will be the death of me. He KNOWS how much I want it right now, how incredibly close I am to finishing. And yet, he pushes into me so agonizingly slow that if it didn’t feel so good, I’d slap him. 

    I let the feel of his dick filling me wash all over my body as I close my eyes and moan. It feels soooooo gooooooddddddddddd. It feels so amazingly good, especially because he’s going slow. 

    His thumb starts slowly stroking my clit as he picks up speed, getting me close again. 

    “Ohh,” I groan, the only sound I’m physically able to make to let him know I was coming. My moans start getting louder and louder, so he kisses me to drown them out. He’s thrusting into me like there’s no tomorrow, one of his hands holding up my leg and the other stroking my clit. 

    He keeps thrusting, each one more powerful than the last until I finally snap. I close my eyes and scream against his mouth, barely audible but so powerful. My whole body feels like it’s on fire, like it’s breaking down into a million pieces and floating away. It feels so wonderful…

    As I calm down, he pulls me up with his lips still on mine. Getting me on my feet, he holds on to my waist, testing my ability to stand. I slowly open my eyes and see his beautiful face right in front of me. Locking my arms around his neck, I pull him close to me as I kiss him slowly. 

    “You’re fucking amazing,” I tell him. “How can you possibly make me feel this way?”

    “Because,” he mumbles and pecks my lips, “I love you.” 

    I smile at his angelic self. “And I love you, too. But this is getting too mushy,” I say and grab his dick. “One more time, let’s go!”

    He snorts with laughter as he grabs my waist and kisses me, making me walk back. Soon, my body will be touching the wall and I’ll be trapped. Good…

    When he’s got me pinned against the cold brick, he breaks off the kiss and roughly turns me around. He pushes his body on mine so that I feel his dick pressing on my butt-crack. 

    “You should know better,” he tells me as he reaches around to massage my breasts. 

    My breathing quickens up. “Should know what?” I ask. 

    “You should know,” his shaft starts rubbing against my pussy, making it really hard to concentrate. “You should know better than to seduce me during school.” And with that, he thrusts himself into me and groans in pure ecstasy. 

    I moan alongside him. “But this is too fun,” I gasp as I push my ass out to give him better access. 

    He removes his hands from my breasts to use one to grab my hair, and the other to slap my butt. I’ve never had that done before, but it oddly turns me on even more. 

    He gets encouraged as I moan louder and slaps me again. “Mr. Mungar, fuck me harder,” I groan out in an attempt to turn him on even more. 

    It works. He growls like an animal as he picks up speed and pulls my hair back so I’m forced to stand up. He pushes me flat against the wall as he rams into me. “Moan my name again,” he says in a deep voice. 

    I comply. “Mmm, Mr. Mungar, I love it when you fuck me.” I’ve personally never been a fan of talking dirty, but he seems to like it. 

    He’s panting now, thrusting in and out of me in record speed. I also feel close, knowing I’m gonna scream any second from the pleasure. “Fuck, Arya, I’m coming,” he groans. 

    “Me, too. Oh god, yes,” I moan like crazy. I cum almost as hard as last time, feeling my pussy clench his dick hard. I guess that did it for him as he empties himself with a final thrust, making that sexy sound at the back of his throat. 

    His thrusts slow down, both of us slowly letting our moments of bliss subside. Slowly, he pulls out of me and discards of the condom. I kind of don’t want to get dressed yet so I just stand there and wait for him.

    As he’s reaching for his boxers, he turns to me. “What?” he asks since I was staring at him the whole time. 

    “Nothing, nothing,” I say and smile inwardly, so grateful that I have him in my life. 

    “Yeah? Well, get dressed,” he says and throws me my clothes. “I’m so fucking hungry. Wanna get something to eat?”

    “Yeah, sure,” I say as we finish dressing and make our way to the door. “But maybe if you’d let me suck you, I wouldn’t be this hungry,” I complain in mock anger. 

    He barks out a laugh as he closes the door behind him. “Next time, love. Next time.”

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