1. A sex story.

    It was late, well, early. Teresa stumbled in to the second night club of the evening. She couldn’t find what she wanted at the first bar, and she wasn’t going home home until she got her way. So she persuaded her friends to come to yet another club for after hours. It wasn’t hard to convince them, all 4 of them had popped a molly and were enjoying the flashing lights and pounding music. They immediately seperated once they arrived, all on the prowl for a dance partner who they could convince to come home with them. Teresa simply walked to the outskirts of the dance floor, putting her body on display by swaying and grinding her ass to the beat. She noticed a female staring at her from across the floor with desire in her eyes, an easy catch for the sensual dancer, but Teresa wanted to be dominated tonight, she wanted to feel a warm, throbbing cock inside her, and a tongue or a pair of fingers simply would not make the cut. As Teresa pondered the sex she could easily recieve from the pretty girl across the dance floor, she suddenly felt a strong pair of hands wrap themselves around her hips and a body now grinding against her own. She turned her head to peek a look at her dance parnter, and was deliciously excited to see a handsome man staring back at her.

    "I’m Teresa!" she shouted at his ear over the loud music.

    "Frank!" he said gruffly in her ear. She flashed him a smile and continued to dance provocatively all over his groin. He was behind her, grinding his pelvis into her thick ass. His hands started at her hips, but they didn’t stay there. They casually worked themselves down her thighs and slowly lifted the hem of her short dress. She didn’t stop him as he moved his hands up her body and grabbed one of her breasts. He then lowered his hands yet again, this time to her crotch. She attempted to maneuver her lower body up to reach his fingers, which were dangerously close to her swollen clit. She heard Frank laugh as he moved his hands back to her hips and then smacked her ass with his right hand.

    "You’re not gonna get it that quick sweetheart" he whispered in to her ear. She smiled and then bent over slightly to grind deeper in to his crotch. He began pounding her with his pelvis, and she could feel his hard cock slamming in to her ass. She stopped him, turned around, and said,

    "You’re not gonna get it that easy, sweetheart. Help me on the pole." She was referring of course to the pole in the middle of the club. it was raised above the dance floor and was available to any girl who chose to dance on it. Frank easily lifted Teresa to the platform. She had told him to watch, and that she didn’t want him to escape. There was no way he was going to let this girl get away from him anyways, so he vollunteered to hold her cigarettes to ensure she came back to him. Teresa was grinding away on the pole, and then dancing sensually with a girl who joined her on the platform. She was beginning to get lost in the music, but she was brought back to life when she felt a hand grasp her ankle. It was Frank. His eyes screamed for her. She smiled and allowed him to carry her off the platform.

    "Let’s go smoke" She said. The pair walked outside to the smoker’s longue and Teresa led the way to the couch in the corner where no one was. Frank handed her the box of Camel Crush and sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. She leaned against him and lit her cigarette. Frank gently kissed her neck and she let out a sigh. She then felt his tongue slowly making circles on her jaw line. She slid her hand onto his leg and slowly went up his thigh with her fingertips. She could see how swollen his dick was through his pants. she ashed her cigarette and stood up abruptly. She grasped his hand and made her way to the exit.

    "Let’s go to my car." She said. They hustled to the parking lot and once they reached her car Frank pressed her against the side and kissed her fully on the mouth.

    "Get the key" Teresa whispered to him.

    "Where is it?" he said.

    "In my bra." she said with a smile. He grinned and began kissing her collarbone. He pulled down the top of her strapless dress and stuck his hand inside her bra. He gripped her breast and began rubbing her nipple. She arched her back in pleasure and craved more, but instead he moved down and snatched the key from the center of her bra. He pulled it out and unlocked the door. She eagerly climbed in and waited for him to enter, but he stood in the doorway.

    "Take your bra off." he said. She obliged and dropped it on the floor, exposing her large breasts. He smiled and finally crawled in to the back seat and wrapped his arms around her. they made out and rolled around for a while until she was straddling him as he sat up. She was sucking on his neck and grinding her soaked pussy in to his crotch. She could feel his stiff cock through his pants and began unzipping his pants to release it. She finally got his pants and boxers off and she was delighted to see his huge, swollen penis pointing directly at her. She started to tease him with her soft, delicate fingers. She smiled as he moaned and attempted to grab his dick. She pushed his hand away and shook her head. He reached his hand in to her panties and began massaging her throbbing clit. She cried out in pleasure as his fingers pressed in between her swollen, soaked lips and penetrated her tight pussy. The walls of her vagina contracted against his fingers. She was about to cum, she could feel it, and so could he. He pulled his fingers out, and she craved the hole to be filled again. She moved back to his dick which was so swollen it was practically purple now and rubbed it against her wetness, soaking his thick cock with her juices. She then rubbed it against her clit, crying out once more. She teased him as long as she could take it and then finally plunged his cock in to her wet cunt. They both moaned loudly in pleasure. She rode his cock and came 4 times before she could feel his member pulsating inside her. She was exhausted, but this is what she wanted more than anything, so she began grinding him as hard as she could until she felt it. His warm cum spilled inside her as she orgasmed at precisely the same time. He pumped inside her one more time until he pulled out. She slowly sucked her juices off him until he was soft again. They rearranged themselves and stumbled out of the car and headed back to the club.

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