1. My sex story


    Okay, so.. It all started when we were down stairs, she had a whipped cream bottle in her hand, she sprayed it on her finger and rubbed it on my face. I than, took the bottle and started spraying it all over her, and she did the same to me. My grandma came down and was like “What are you guys doing?” & we just sat there and laughed. We ran upstairs and went into my room, she slammed me up against my bedroom door and started making out with me, passionately but very rough, I knew what was going to happen. I started running my hands up her shirt and sliding my cold hands under her bra and gracefully grasping her tits, rubbing her nipples with my thumb feeling them getting hard under my touch.. She pushed me on my bed and go on top of me, I started to feel the adrenaline rush through out my whole body. She than took her right hand and rubbed it down my stomach and underneath my jeans, god damn I got excited. She started to rub my clit and I started grinding on her, still making out with her.. Our body heat was just so intense, all I could image was just her and I in the room, looking at each other, and nothing else went through our head. She started to pull my hair and give my sexy ass hickeys all down my neck and on my chest. She began to get faster and running her finger in a circular motion, I’m still grinding, I feel that I’m about to have an orgasm very soon.. I whisper in her ear “I’m about to cum baby.” She goes faster and faster.. My body just collapsed from exhaustion.. I was breathing heavy and I arched my back, while I hear her say “cum for me baby”. I did came so much, with me still kissing her.. We stop, and I go out for a cigarette and I kiss her softly, and we just giggle at the fact of how much my legs are shaking.. We go back in and lay down watching tv, just talking.. I cuddle up beside her and fall to sleep.. In her arms, loving every second of it.  

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