1. What Are You Running From Ginger?

    It was a dark dirty hotel on the wrong side of town where I found her. She was beautiful, the perfect woman. When she looked me in the eyes with those big baby blues I had to wonder what kind of trouble she was running from to seek out a guy like me. It didn’t really matter because I’d done & seen just about everything there is to do & see.

    "Hold me." She whispered pressing self to me, there was barely anything separating us.

    My dirty wife beaters & a pair of trousers that were getting a bit too tight for my taste was all that stood between me & the perfect woman. I wrapped thick scarred arms around her & she trembled but not in the opposite direction as most girls did. She pressed an ear covered my red hair to my chest & listened hard for a heartbeat. Slowly, so as not to scare her, I brought one hand up to gently move her chin forcing her to look me in the eyes once again.

    "What are you running from, Ginger?" I asked her and she closed her eyes standing on her toes to cover my mouth with hers.

    Before I could figure out what was going on we were on top of each other on the bed rolling & tumbling, kissing & touching. She was soft under my hands & smelled like ginger. She tilted her head back while I kissed down her chest to tease her breasts with my mouth while I fucked her. It was all slow & sweet. The kind of sex people who are in love have, not the kind meant for ex-cons & whores like us.

    The pace escalated rapidly but not the force of each of my thrusts. I felt her clench & writhe under me, rearing up to meet each of my strokes. Finally, as I felt myself getting close she threw that pretty red head back again & cried out long & loud. It sent shivers up my spine that tossed me over the edge without giving a damn if I survived the fall or not.

    Then, everything was still. She laid under me, I laid in her. We were silent for a long moment before I finally rolled off of her & turned pulling her back to me.

    "What are you running from Ginger?" I asked again when I caught sight of those baby blues.

    She opened her mouth as if to answer me then closed it smiling. She tucked her head under my chin against my chest & before long had fallen asleep to the pattern of my breathing. It didn’t take much longer for me to put her troubles from my mind-they weren’t my problem anyway- and follow suit.

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