1. I was wet even before I entered the door. I knew I had it coming. We had just gotten into a fight and I knew I was due for a punishment. He promised me he would teach me a lesson, and I couldn’t fucking wait. He opened the door and greeted me with a kiss. I pulled away and looked into his beautiful, big green eyes. I love this kid. I immediately slammed him against the wall and it knocked the breath out of him in surprise. I fumbled at his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. His boxers were gray and had gnomes on them. How cute. I looked up at him, almost pleading. He brushed and tugged at my hair. I kissed his belly, and let my tongue explore the creases of his abs. I sucked on his happy trail teasingly, giving him chills. Finally, I revealed his big, throbbing cock and kissed it all over. I slowly slid it into my mouth and ran my tongue on the crease of his head. His hand gripped my hair tighter and he shut his eyes in pleasure. I let his whole cock go deep inside my throat until I gagged. His precum tasted salty on my tongue. “Let’s take this to the bedroom,” he said. He was ready to ensue my punishment. And I was more than ready to receive it. He tore off my panties from underneath my dress and slid his fingers inside of me, leaving me no choice but to cry out in pleasure. Two of his fingers were deep in my wet pussy and his other hand was rubbing my swollen clit. “You fuckin like that, little girl?” He said while I moaned. “I love it,” I said, “Don’t fucking stop.” Before I knew it, his dick was teasing me, rubbing up and down my wet pussy. God, damn. I couldn’t handle it. “Fuck me!” I demanded. And with that, he quickly thrust his cock as deep as it could go, leaving my knees weak. He continued to pound me. “I’ll fucking destroy you.” He told me. “Please,” I said. “I want you to punish me.” He grinned. He then picked me up and slammed me on his bed, and forced my face into the headboard, leaving me on all fours. My dress was still on. He put his hands on my hips and started fucking me canine style. I couldn’t handle the pleasure. I could feel his hot, pulsating cock pound at me. I gripped and scratched at the headboard, trying to contain my screams of pleasure. “You fucking slut. Apologize to me.” He shouted, spanking me. “I’m sorry!” I said, inbetween moans. “I’m your bitch. I’ll do anything!” I was under his control. “Yeah?” He said, going faster and thrusting harder. “You like that little slut?” Him calling me a slut made me so wet. I couldn’t hold back from cumming. He spanked me harder. “Cum for me you little bitch!” He shouted. And with that, my cum got all over his sheets and on my dress, and he turned me around so he could cum in my mouth. It was the best sex I’d ever had, and I almost couldn’t wait for our next fight so he could punish me some more.

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    Coffee Table

    You will look at the coffee table when we have guests and your insides will twist and start to melt, that’s the table where I tied you up and banged you, now they are eating cheese and crackers on it and apologising about the odd drip of wine on it, “don’t worry” you say with a smile “it’s had worse”

    You nod and pretend to listen to their conversation but you lock eyes with me opposite you and your thoughts drift away.

    Previous Friday evening. You had come upstairs to see what was taking me so long to come to bed.

    That was just three short minutes ago.

    Now you find yourself naked, prone, on your back, tied to our large low coffee table. Your legs and arms bending awkwardly downwards towards the short table legs, the bonds are tight- you were trashing around as I did them up and I was annoyed at your drama.

    I trace my fingertips over your sexy tum, and caress your lovely hips.

    Fully clothed, I straddle you and sit back on your thighs, enjoying the uncertain look on your gorgeous freckly face, “are you ready to please me darling” I ask, “yes baby” you say, thinking, actually that you are just tired and want to get this over with and go to bed.

    I quickly grab one side of your bottom and hold it tight, rolling your hips onto the side as much as your bonds allow, SLAP!, SLAP!,SLAP!, I spank you very hard, “say it again like you mean it darling” I instruct sternly.

    You repeat it, this time your voice is like melted honey dripping on my ears, I suspect the spanking has got your attention, and your juices flowing “yes baby” you purr again.

    I let you roll back onto your back and the cold wooden table makes the burn of your butt feel hotter.

    I grasp your lovely breasts, and roll my thumb over your erect nipples, as I lean forward and whisper in your ear “that’s better darling” I use my other hand to reach behind me and stroke the insides of both thighs being careful to brush your vagina only once and only very, very, lightly.

    You see my penis straining against my trousers as I get off you and unzip, reaching in to to pull it out as I walk around to your head. I tip your head back off the edge of the table and as I kneel down my penis brushes your face. Haha, now you realise why I agreed so soon to buy this table, your stomach tightens and your pussy gets wetter and wetter thinking about how I had planned this all along.

    All you see is my balls and my nicely ironed trousers (thank you Darling) as you open your mouth and tip your head back to receive me, I savor it, only putting the end in, as you to swirl your tongue around I begin sliding so slowly into your mouth, I pump away as you suck hard and I twist your nipples and tell you you are doing quite well.

    When I want to go deeper, I grasp your throat in both hands so I can feel my swollen rod in there, going deeper and deeper until my balls are on your nose. I reach down to your pussy and don’t even need to put my fingers in to feel how wet you are because your slick liquid is dripping right out of you my darling,  I cant take it anymore your soaked pussy drives me over the edge as tense up and spasm again and again, releasing my hot cum deep into your throat - “naughty, dirty, woman” I say to you, pulling out, “you have soiled our table, and incurred a cleaning fee”.

    You swallow the saliva and cum in your throat and manage to say “what sort of cleaning fee my love?”
     Your tone is much to haughty and suggestive, you don’t seem to be taking this seriously again, I grasp the base of your right breast and use the other to slap it quite hard, hard enough to make you wince, “that sort” I say trying to stay serious myself and not smile at the thought of your beautiful mouth wrapped around my cock.

    I take my penis back into my pants and zip up, enjoying the look of loss on your face when you think that’s it for the evening.

    I walk around to your legs and enjoy my view of you, spread wide, unable to move, trusting my judgment and ability completely. I kneel at the end of the table and stroke the insides of your knees, I grin and lick my index and middle fingers slowly- one at a time- making as much slurping noise as possible, I dip them quickly into your pussy to soak them even more, and curling them, scoop out as much wetness as I can where it drips out of your vagina and slides down towards your anus. I rotate my my hand, palm upward and push my finger tips against your skin to trap the juices as they try to slide past your second opening.

    I feel you clench as you anticipate what I am about to do and twist my fingers slowly inserting them up to the first joint and curling them gently upwards in your anus as you moan. Normally I would go down on you first but this is part of your cleaning fee. I slap your tummy lightly which causes you to clamp your arse around my fingers and grasp at the foreign obstacle in there, I reach up for a breast with my other hand and as you release your grip on my fingers I slide them in deeper right up to the  knuckles, your breathing sounds forced and I wish my penis was deep inside you and I could feel it with my fingers through your inner walls. You begin to raise your hips and beg me to pay attention to your clit, that red hot centre, erect and inflamed with your desire, our desire, a deliciously rewarding snack for me, that fills you up, and makes you burst. You begin to stain at your bonds and if they weren’t there your hands would go straight to your clit which would be very disobedient.

    I remind you “don’t do anything to make yourself cum unless I tell you to darling” and you look guilty as fuck as I continue “what is a fair punishment, do you think?” I’m still invading your arse with my slippery fingers and you struggle to think. “I’ll suck your penis again” you suggest. I think about it for a few seconds, I just came in your mouth a few minutes ago and I know you are aching for me to see to your pussy, but it seems like a shame to ignore such initiative.

    Keeping the fingers of my left deep in you I use only my right hand to undress, I undo my belt and take off my belt, trousers, and boxers, which try to hook themselves on my rock hard cock but eventually loose the battle to stay on.

    I bend myself over the table where you can reach my penis with your mouth and rest my arms on your legs so you never get a break. Sinking into you feels so right, like coming home after a long stressful holiday. You start to really go to town on my cock. So finally I put two fingers into your hot wet vagina- they are almost sucked into you by your yearning alone. Your hips thrust upward to help. For a break for the both of us I straighten my legs to pull my penis out of your gaping hungry mouth and place my balls in their stead before curving my fingers to the sensitive spots in your front wall that I know so well.

    Your breath becomes a choked and halting affair with intermittent gasps supplying the absolute minimum of air you need, your head tips back and your mind is taken over completely by what my touch is doing to your body. Your gorgeous mouth forms my favorite expression over your perfect, pretty little teeth- I don’t know how to explain this face properly, but I feel if it had a voice it would say “YES! - I am yours, please never ever stop”

    Your back arches and stays arched, all restlessness is gone from your body as my strong dexterous hands gently drive you around the last corner, to turn you onto the home straight of your track to extacy.

    You have done well my love you have earned this and more. Its your favorite part, when victory is certain, you are over the edge and you can give in to the feeling of an intense orgasm roaring toward you. For these four seconds, as you relax and savor the rush, you cease to exist.

    And with your last whispered groan the hot breath exhaled onto my balls above your face makes me loose grip as I eject a second load of cum over your chest and your body writhes under me In wave after wave of earth shattering orgasm.

  3. Daydream:

    Mmmmmmm so. I just keep thinking of senarios of being with Europe.  

    One of them.

    She finally got the top button undone for me, and stopped me from having a panic attack. I staired into her eyes, filled with concentration, deep and brown. She looked up at me and smiled. Her dimples going deep. I winked at her. I left the room and started taking pictures of the guest speaker in the gym. I saw her try to catch my attention and pointed to follow her. I left and went behind the catering curtain and followed her. Laughing at the excitement. She led me to the upstairs bathroom where no one was to come up. She lightly kissed me on the lips when I was on the stair befor her so I was a bit taller. Since shes 5’6 and im 4’11. she took my hand and led me the rest of the was into the bathroom and pushed me up against the wall. Not hard but hard enough to have to catch your breath. She put her hand on my chin and tilted it up to her and started kissing me,

    Lightly and gently. I run my hands up her back, as far as I could. I stand on my tip toes and press my body slightly into hers. We kiss harder and she bends into me and presses against the wall. I pull her shlders so shes closer. She picks me up and I wrap my legs around her. She bites my lip and carries me to the sinks and lets me sit on the counter top. I let my legs circle around her tighter. I lick the edges of her lips and she starts to kiss the side of my mouth to my cheek to my neck, she kisses to my ear and lets out a low breath, letting her breath tickle my ear and I whimper into her neck. I could hear her laugh a bit and she continued to kiss my neck. She undoes my bowtie that we were to wear for the night because we had to dress like a tuxedo girl. Dress shirt cumber bun and bowtie. She undoes my bowtie and starts unbuttoning the rest of the buttons. I kiss her and do the same for her but show my skill without having to look. I kiss up her neck, along her collar bone, and lightly graze my teeth against her ear and slowly and lightly breath a bit into her ear. She groans out and grabs my hips into her hands and pulls me tighter against her. She goes down to my chest, kissing the skin above my cammi and worked up to my collar bone, kissing the indents and I start to pant. I reach around and grab her butt and she laughs a bit. We kiss for a little bit longer and we finally agree that we need to get back to the party before we are suspiciously gone for too long. She asked if I could stay for a bit after the party. We went back down and it was so crazy that no one even noticed that we were gone. When the party was over, we handed back all of our clothes and got changed. She couldn’t keep her eyes off me. And I couldn’t keep still, excited for after the party. We both said goodbye and said that we were leaving. I drove so Europe said that her mom was here to get her. She came with me to my car and I asked what she wanted to do, seeing it was only 10 oclock. We agreed to get some coffee since the party was so crazy, we were both warn out. After two big cups of coffee, she asked for me to drive her home. I was sad, to have to leave her. But when we were in the drive way, she said that her mom was on a business trip and wouldn’t be home till Monday. I called my mom and told her that I would be home late that some girls were going out for coffee and that ill be safe. We went into her house, and she led me into her room. It was a bright purple with band posters and old photographs covering the walls and lights around her huge bed. She said I could sit down but I was so distracted that by the posters that when she wrapped her arms around me it took me a minute to respond. I reached back and gave her a backwards hug. She started to kiss my neck and I relaxed and let her in, the feeling of being touched rushing over me like waves. She leaned down and asked me to sleep over. Since no one was home. I cleared it with my mom saying I was staying at another girls house. I was laying in bed with Europe in my arms until I finished the phone call. After I said goodbye she took the phone from me and put it on her night stand. She kissed me hard and softly put her hand against my cheek.  We started kissing lightly, kissed again and again and again. I put my hands in her hair that was sticking all over from the hot night. We started getting really hot and sweaty from the night heat. She got up and turned on her central air and asked if I wanted to take a shower to feel clean after a long night. I said yes. She led me down the hall and turned the shower on, cold water to excape the heat. She came over to me and kissed me. I unbuttoned her shirt and she slipped mine off. I  kissed down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans with my teeth. She laughed at me for my skill. I looked up at her still on my knees and winked. We got into the shower and we washed our hair. Then she took a scrubbie and put soap all over it. And started washing my back, she reached around to my front and started washing there. And then down the outside of my legs, and up the inside of my legs. Her hand lightly brushing me, she found out that I was already soaking, and not from the water. She handed me the sponge and started wrinceing my back and my front, squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples until they were hard. I washed her back and kissed her neck while I massaged soap into her boobs. We rinced off and turned off the shower. We took a towel and dried eachother. She led me back to her room and layed me down onto her bed. Her room was super cold now, it felt so good because we were both radiating body heat, we crawled under a blanket and laied next to eachother and just looked at eachother. She started kissing me and rolled ontop of me, I ran my hands all over her back and butt and into her hair and sides. She put her hand on my ribs and started to move lower. I put my leg up so my knee was bent and she started rubbing my cilt. I moaned into her sholder and started sucking her collar bone. After I left a nice mark I started kissing her boobs and sucking her nipples. She gasped into the air and pulled me on top of her. I traced my fingers over her stomach over her thighs down to her ankles and up, in the inside of her legs and jumped to her belly button, she groaned, growing impatient. I laughed at her and she gave me a stern look. I smiled and started rubbing her cilt hard. She threw her head back and gasped at the feeling. I kissed her neck down to her hips and bit and sucked on her hips, I looked at her in an asking way and she nodded, I kissed up her legs and started to kiss her cilt. I kissed harder and harder and she ran her hands in my hair. I started to suck her pussy and started to flick my tounge in and out of her. She pushed my head into her harder. I started fucking her with my tounge and she started grinding her pussy on my face. She moaned loudly and sighed that she was going to cum. I put in a finger and sucked on her cilt and she spazzed against my face shaking and moaning in a high pitched voice. She let the wave of orgasm rush over her and laid there shaking. I layed next to her and she laughed and kissed me. I could feel her smile against my mouth. We layed there kissing for a while and she started traveling down my neck, her hand hooking my knee and she brought up my leg around her and started running her hand over my pussy. She teased for a long time until I started dripping for her. She fingered me with one finger until I was riding against her hand, then she pulled her finger out and put in two. She fingered me hard and fast and I grinded hard against her. I panted like a dog and gasped that I was going to cum and she asked really? And I sighed a yes and she asked again and I whimpered a yes and she asked now and she fingered me harder and I yelled out a loud yes. I started shaking and she held me close to her so she could feel me shake and spaz.  …………

    to be continued

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    How I Dealt With My Sugar Daddy’s Wife After She Caught Me At Victoria’s Secret: Part 2

    What I began to do was pull my car over, get out my pad and pen, and write down the tailing car’s information. I would then call the Stetson man and read him the numbers. We had an inside connection that would look up the registration. If the car was confirmed to be registered to the FBI and the driver was idiotic enough to sit through this show, I would walk up to the window, tap on the glass, and ask him to roll it down. I would then ask if he would like my schedule—explaining that it would make it easier to follow me and much safer for the other traffic. Once, in a particularly smart-ass mood, I asked for directions to my destination. It was not long before the FBI stopped coming to my neighborhood.

    Team Wife, however, was in for the duration. They had not let up with leaving the nasty messages on my voice mail. They continued to follow me, usually four or five of them in an SUV. I am sure they felt very important about being able to provide his wife with the details of my life. The Stetson man and I often took evening walks, with the SUV full of women following slowly behind us. We would hold hands, and every few steps I would be sure to lay a massive kiss on him.

    One weekend when his wife was out of town, we spent the night at his mansion, in their bed. This wasn’t my first night in their home, but this weekend was different. On this particular occasion, I was my new empowered self. I wanted to be on the offense, and so I made myself at home in her extremely large bathroom. I placed a Victoria’s Secret red lip gloss on the floor next to the vanity stool, as if it had innocently fallen out of my purse. I never said a word; I just waited. My thought was that the lip gloss would let her know I had been in her house—and in her bed. I was playing hardball.

    Months later, after she had removed her life from his mansion, the head housekeeper told me about the lip gloss fallout. His wife had lined up the entire staff, interrogating each one. She was on a mission to find out if any of them had broken the rules and used her facilities. When none of them confessed, she brought out the rogue lip gloss and informed the staff to be on guard for signs of the femme fatale. The housekeeper then showed me the lip gloss, which she had kept. The lip gloss she held before me was a cheap purple lip gloss. It looked like it had come from a ninety-nine cent store. Had his wife kept my Victoria’s Secret gloss? Had she used it? Did she attempt to seduce her husband with one of my props? I have always been fascinated with what happened to my Victoria’s Secret red lip gloss.

    Source: http://www.earnthenecklace.com/how-i-dealt-with-my-sugar-daddys-wife-after-she-caught-me-at-victorias-secret-part-2/

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    Cop N ASS MindFucker2 Author of Taken By Two


    Mike pulls the leather jacket down off her shoulders, leaving her arms imprisoned in their sleeves, tightly zipped, and then exposes her lush full heavy breasts, and her hugely hard nipples.

    "Glad to see you wore nothing underneath," he observes, before pulling her long thick hair and head back hard. He kneels in front of her, and sees she has soaked the leather pants in her crotch area, evidenced by the dark patch on the leather.

    "No panties too, well done."

    He pulls her leathers to her knees, and leaves them there exposing, yet imprisoning her even further. Her pussy is on fire, and producing cum spurts uncontrollably, as her head is exploding with pleasure, at being  treated this way. Her eyes follow him, watching what was to come next.

    He covers his hand with Slick lube, the ultra slippy one, and then plunges three fingers into her pussy. The pleasure/ pain causing her to come again uncontrollably, as he works his fingers deep inside her to the knuckle, and then curves them; right onto her g-spot. Debs could feel his long fingers going into her pussy very deeply, hitting that g - spot ruthlessly, causing her to moan very loudly, and thrash around, while humping his fingers.

    "Fuck me now, please, please fill me with your fucking big pussy fucker, please Dom Mike.”

    He slips the ball gag on before she has time to say anything more, and then puts the Japanese clover nipple clamps on.

    "Be careful, the harder you struggle the more they tighten."

    She screams at the painful sensations, but loses control of her pussy immediately, and spurts her cum juices in a frenzied orgasm that has her knees like jelly, as he turns her around, and gets behind her. Mike strokes Debs hard and aching pussy, and her throbbing clit. Just long, enough to get it wet, then pulls out, and presses against her ass. She knows he is too large for her to take easily, but her gushing wetness gives her excitement away totally, and lubricates his rock hard ramrod cock.

    "Oh, no, please, don’t," she tries to say, shaking her head, but he was already pushing through her clenched muscles.

    Debs fought to relax, to keep the pain away, she whimpers, and then Mike’s hand wraps around her hip, finding her clit again.

    "Come again Debs, my hot little fuck-slut, like you did the last time. Loud and wet, spurt your cum juices all over my cock, and then you can clean it all off with your mouth."

    At first all Debs could focus on was the pleasure/pain in her ass, but as he slowly strokes in and out, the pleasure returns with a vengeance, and hits her like a steam train. His fingers spread her wetness on her clit, pinches, and then moves back to fill her pussy. Three fingers spread her, and curves inside. Finding the spot that always makes her hornier; she bucks forward on his hand, and back on his cock, the need building quickly.

    Mike’s size and his dirty talk just encouraged her to let go, and surrender to the sheer ecstasy of his big cock inside her ass, and his fingers deep in her hot fuck-slit. He fucks her harder, faster, and she quickly orgasms, harder than she has ever known.

    “Debs, such a fertile and ruthlessly orgasmic brain you have.”

    "I want to get it so all you think about and live for is sex, and pleasure."

    "I want you to be permanently on heat, wet and throbbing - aching deep in your pussy, and your bullet hard clit."

    "I want you to be touching your sex constantly, and unconsciously, in your need to be fucked, and orgasmic.”

    “Your nipples should be hard and super sensitive 24/7, the slightest touch, or brush against them causing your cum juices to run freely from your molten pussy.”

    "To wear your metal slave collar as a symbol of your total wantonness, but also your unavailability to any sexual demand, but mine.”

    “Ideally I would take you to have your nipples and your clit hood pierced, ringed and then a fine chain to link them, so it constantly jolts you with the pure sex of your being aroused; yet belonging totally to me, and submitting willingly to anything I demand of you.”

    "Just imagine the thrill of being brought to orgasm in public by me, knowing people are around us, but them not knowing you are under my complete control."

    "I think a riding crop for chastising your breasts and nipples too, as well as your pussy and gloriously spread ass."

    "As I plunge my cock into your fuck-slit, and then into your ass, dominating and controlling you totally, but making you cum, and spurt your juices on demand, for my pleasure, as well."

    "And then me spurting my hot creamy cum into your mouth, and over your face.”

    Oh God, yes, she thinks, as her body shatters, and ecstasy spreads over her. Hips rocking, she rides Mike, as he yells his release, filling her gaping ass with his hot cum. She collapses against the car, her legs too weak to hold her when he steps away. She lay there in the light from the police car, her legs spread wide, cum and her juices spilling down her legs; another car could have driven past at that point, and she would not have cared.

    “Just a little taster for you, my cum-slut queen,” he says.

    "Totally submissive fucking at my time and place of choosing, and you submitting totally, as any well brought up, and schooled fuck-slut would," he says as he undoes the ball gag, and puts it away.

    As Dom, Mike starts zipping his black leather pants, while pushing his still cum dripping cock away; Debs does up her leathers, and goes down on her knees; grabs his cock and drags it toward her waiting wet mouth.

    "I’m not finished yet," I want to suck your balls, and lick all that cum and juice off.”

    She grabs his black leather pants, yanks them to his knees, gets her head up under him, and starts sucking on those sexy hardening balls.

    “Mmm, so delicious, mmm, they fill my mouth;” the vibrations cause Mike to draw in a sharp breath, and moan very loudly.

    ”Suck on my balls harder; stroke them with your fingers, fuck-slut.”

    Debs reaches under Mike’s balls just at the back, and scrapes with her fingernails, while her wet hot mouth sucks them in even further. Mike thinks for a moment, they may be sucked down her throat any second now…

    Mike grabs her long dark hair, bunching and pulling it back, watching what she is doing to his balls with her mouth; he is shaking from the pleasure, as she sucks and licks her way up his cock.

    "Mmm, I love the taste of our mixed fuck juices.”

    Then her tongue snakes out, and flicks across his hardening cock head, and underneath to that sensitive spot, causing Mike to tense, and his cock to get even harder…

    Mike and Debs are the sole owners of the stories we are contributing and we do NOT give permission to others using any specific language or items we have in our stories.  No part of these stories may be reproduced for profit without the express written consent of the authors….All Rights Reserved.

  6. Taken By Two - By MindFucker2 - Author of Mike’s Tongue Works

    Taken By Two – My Fucking Fantasy!

    I am laying on the red satin sheets the way my Dom, Mike, told me to, playing with my tits while caressing and pulling at my hard erect nipples, my legs spread wide, my newly shaved pussy throbbing and leaking my juices with sexual excitement.

    “I have a surprise for you my little cum slut toy,” he says.

    He opens the playroom door and lets his friend Tony in. I gasped in shock as Tony only has a towel wrapped around his waist.

    “Tony is going to fuck your pussy while I fuck your arse; this is the fantasy I know you have wanted.”

    Tony and Mike both drop their towels and I look at their swelling cocks, realizing my biggest fucking fantasy is coming true.

    They are both different in looks. While Mike has dark hair with sexy blues eyes and that scruffy beard I love feeling on every part of my naked body, Tony is fair, with brown eyes and clean-shaven. Both their cocks are long and thick making me lick my lips with desire, wanting to suck them at the same time.

    They come closer, running their eyes over my body, as I lay spread open on the bed. Tony gets down on his knees between my legs, looking at my pussy. I look up into the mirror above the bed and can see Tony looking at my leaking slit. I feel more cream leaking out, as I am very horny.

    “Mmm nice pussy, it’s already wet, waiting for my tongue to eat and lick it clean.”

    Tony sticks out his tongue and wiggles it at me, so I can see how thick and long it is. My pussy clenches and leaks my fuck juices. I can feel it running out soaking the sheet.

    “I am your master and you will do everything I tell you to do,” says my Dom, Mike.

    “Yes sir.”

    Tony grabs my ankles and pulls me further down the bed so my arse is hanging off the edge. He moves up and starts licking my thighs slowly moving up to my throbbing mound; His licks up my pussy lips, up to my clit, I moan pushing up, thrusting into his mouth.

    “Open your legs wider and lay still, no moving,” Dom Mike says.

    I do what I am told finding it difficult not to wriggle around as Tony’s tongue delves between my pussy lips licking all my cream and flicking his tongue up and down from my clit to my swelling lips. I cannot stop moaning very loudly, sucking in my breath at the feeling. I look up and watch in the mirror as his tongue causes me to cream even more.

    This is a huge turn on, watching and feeling what his tongue is doing.

    Mike gets up on the bed and places his legs either side of my head facing Tony. I can see small amounts of pre-cum beading on the tip of his cock making me lick my lips.

    “Suck my cock and balls, cum slut while I watch Tony eating your pussy.”

    I moaned very loudly as I lick the cream off the tip then slowly take his engorged cock into my very wet mouth. He sucks in a breath as my teeth scrape along his cock as he moves slowly in further to the back of my throat. He starts fucking my mouth with slow back and forth motions, as my tongue swirls around and under his pussy fucker; each time his cock hits the back of my throat I swallow causing him to jerk and moan.

    “Fuck! If you keep that up, I will flood your mouth soon “

    My pussy is leaking my juice as Tony laps it up and uses the flat of his tongue to lick up and down, completely tongue fucking me. I gasp and moan even louder as his tongue slides between my lips pushing into my slit, as he comes out he sucks on my pussy lips, making me shudder. I can feel my cream leaking out before he laps it up and swallows it.

    Mikes cock is becoming slick and juicy, fucking my mouth. He takes it out so I run my tongue up underneath to his balls, sucking them into my mouth, savoring their musky taste and smell.

    “No coming yet, not until I tell you,” Dom Mike says, as I am moaning and wanting to come very badly.

    “Please sir, let me come, please! I moan as my pussy is throbbing for release.

    “Take my creamy honey now, cum slut,” he groans as he shoves his cock back into my throat and pumps harder.

    I feel it engorging and his creamy juice throbbing onto my tongue. “Open your mouth cum slut so I can see my juice.”

    I poke my tongue out so he can see his cream covering it.

    “Now swallow every drop.”

    I savor the taste as he orgasms while I swallow it all. He is moaning and groaning watching his juice flood my mouth.

    “Come now into Tony’s mouth; give him all your juices, my little slut.”

    I let go as the sensations center on my pussy, throbbing and coming, feeling my juice pumping out as Tony continues to lick and suck my juices from my slit, as he moans and sucks harder.

    ”Fuck, oh fuck, that feels so good,” I yell loudly.

    “Now turn over and spread your cheeks so I can fuck your arse,” Dom Mike says, as Tony gets up onto the bed spreading his legs; he is holding his swollen cock and wanking himself slowly.

    “Now suck Tony’s cock while I fuck your arse, you cock hungry slut”

    My juices are still leaking out as I lean over Tony and lick at the purple head of his dick, licking and sucking it into my wet mouth. It fills my mouth and throbs as I suck harder, swirling my tongue around, my mouth going up and down, tasting his salty pre-cum.

    Mike stands behind me and leans onto my back, I shiver as I feel the caressing of his chest hair on my back. He pushes two fingers into my pussy, finger fucking and juicing up my slit. I moan in ecstasy, writhing and moving back onto his fingers. I grab my arse cheeks and spread them apart to give him easier access.

    “Stop moving while I fuck you, do as your told”, Mike says as he slaps my arse cheek lightly, causing me to buck, but I make myself stay still and enjoy his fingers moving in and out of my cunt.

    He uses my juice to lube my arsehole, and then puts his cock at my rosette, easing in slowly as I gasp.

    “Push back onto me, babe, just a little, go easy.” I push feeling him filling me, as my mouth is full of cock swelling even further.

    “Oh Mike, fuck me,” I moan as his cock sinks in all the way and his balls slap at me. He eases out until the tip is just at the entrance and then forges in again to the hilt.

    “Now take Tony’s fucker in your pussy so we can enjoy the ride,” Mike says, as Tony maneuvers himself under me and slowly slides his cock into my very wet and juicy pussy.

    It is so tight, but the incredible sensations are driving me wild with lust.

    “Your pussy is so fucking tight on my cock, it’s incredible,” Tony groans as he keeps fucking me.

    Both of them move at the same time, setting a rhythm I do not want to stop, my pussy screaming for orgasm, but I want this fucking to go on and on. I feel our combined juices leaking out running down my thighs.

    “Are you ready to come now baby,” Dom Mike says.

    “Yes, yes, please let me come sir,” I moan, as my pussy clenches and throbs.

    “Come now baby, I can feel Tony’s cock in your pussy, I can’t hang on much longer,” he moans scraping my neck and ear with his beard and that mouth I crave on my body all the time.

    My pussy spasms as I let go with my orgasm, I scream as it takes over and I shut my eyes while my head spins and I come and come. My throbbing pussy feeling like it is on fire as their two cocks continue to pump in and out of my pussy and hole. I clench down on Tony’s cock and my arse tightens on Mike.

    Suddenly Mike gives one last thrust and I feel his come shoot up into my arse, as he groans and yells into my ear.

    “Fuck! Your arse is so tight; it feels fucking good on my cock.”

    Tony stiffens and moans very loudly as his fuck juices squirt and fill my pussy; my pussy and arse continues to throb and clench around them as we slowly come down.

    When I am lying on my back between them both totally fucking satisfied.

    I say, “I think we should do a foursome next… We need another fucking pussy…”

    Mike and Deborah are the sole owners of the stories we are contributing and we do NOT give permission to others using any specific language or items we have in our stories.  No part of these stories may be reproduced for profit without the express written consent of the authors….All Rights Reserved.

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    I’m mixing brownie mix as you come through the front door. You see my in one of your over sized shirts, no pants, and covered in chocolate. You walk to me and put your arms around me. “What are you doing?” You asked huskily in my ear.”I’m trying to make brownies, but I failed!” I wailed. You turn me around and kiss my forehead. “I bet it’s fine.” You assure me. I make a small whimper and slump down and hide my face behind my legs. You take the batter and sit down in front of me. You dip a finger in and taste. “This is amazing!” You exclaimed. I still have my face away from you. You’ve had enough of my nonsense and tackle me with kisses. “AH! Stop it! I have chocolate all over me!” I giggle out. You start kissing my neck and tickle my sides. I squeal. You smile and start kissing me. Slowly, your lips and mine start electrocuting throughout our bodies. You prop me up on your legs and start your way up my shirt. You caress my back as you kiss more and more passionately. You moan into me. I rake my fingers through your hair and accidentally grind against your groin. You groan as you finally loosen my bra. You take my shirt and bra off and throw it in the way of somewhere else. You look into my eyes and kiss my breasts. You start teasing and licking both as I squirm more and more onto your already raging boner. My head shoots back as you do your bidding. You flip me over as you grind my crotch. You zip your pants down and take your already rock hard member out. My clit starts throbbing, wanting your dick in me. Instead of doing so, you rub your penis on my crotch, getting me wet and wet. I moan and arch my back from pleasure. I look at you pleadingly and try to take your dick but right just then, the door knocks. “Shit” you say out. You put your dick back in your pants leaving me wet, topless, and lusting, you answer the door. You talk with the person as I try to crawl to the bathroom to clean up, trying not to be seen by the other person. I hear the door close and your footsteps. “Well, well, well…” I stop mid-crawl and gulp with the nervousness of what you were going to do with me. You get down and examine my ass. “Your ass is so sexy,” you say as you caress it. You slip my panties a bit down and slip a finger in to see how wet I was. I moaned and grab the rug. You tsk at me and flip me over. You kiss me oh so innocently and butterfly kiss me as you go down. You get to my shaved and gleaming and kiss… with a little tongue. I cry out from the ecstasy. You tongue fuck me as I squirm and moan with delight. With out noticing, you take your pants off and stop. I look to see why and gulp again as I see your rock hard, elongated, fat dick out. You surprise me yet again by picking me up and taking me to your ‘office’. You close the door, though we both know know one would hear us. You put me down on your desk, with my lower half dangling off the edge. You lock the door, knowing I’d try to escape to the bedroom. You smile mischievously at me and walk over. “You’ve been a very naughty girl, escaping away from me like that.” I whimper out a small innocent one. Your smile vanishes and say, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” I shake my head and say, “Do it… Please. I’ve been waiting for it all day.” I squeak out. You smile again and take position. You rub it against me and say, “I love you.” “I love y—” I stopped myself with a moan and squeal as you put it in me. You start out slow, feeling my fluids around you. You see my hands squirming for something to claw into. You scoop me up, with yourself in me and sit down on the small bed you have in the office. I’m clinging on to you as you starting bouncing me up and down. You go faster and faster as I scream out your name. I throw my head back as you go harder. The sound of your bodies clashing are the only background noise. I don’t know how but somehow, we lay on the floor as you vigorously fuck me. You go faster and harder by the second making me scream, louder and louder. My back arches as I climax. You feel my nails scratching your back. And then an unexpected thing happened; I squirted. By now I was exhausted, but you weren’t finished with me just yet. You kept going, harder and faster. Your grip on my arms get stronger, unknowingly leaving bruises there. I squirt again and again screaming and calling out your name in pure pleasure. And then your finally cum in me. The warm, thick fluid sloshes as you’re decreasingly stopping. We’re both breathing heavily. You get off me to clean up. You glance at me and see me passed out. You kiss my scars and rest of my body and take me to the bedroom, as we both rest for the night.

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    Lupercalia: a story

    The massage that followed was unlike anything Claudia had ever experienced. It began normally enough, Claudia turning over to lie on her front and being slathered with warm fruity, spicy fragrant oils. The priestess began at the tips of her toes, roaming the soles her feet, before sliding up the backs of calves.

    Further up, the rubbing became slower, more sensual, the thumbs of the priestess lingering on her sensitive inner thighs, caressing every curve of her buttocks, then gently spreading her cheeks apart until her pink crinkled hole was revealed. The slick skillful fingers slid across the exquisitely sensitive skin of Claudia’s freshly shaved perineum. And then her little moans turned to gasps as the fingers strayed upwards. Her masseur shushed her, continuing to circle round and around, round and around, as if casting a magical incantation, an enchantment to open her tight little hole.

    When the priestess did eventually sink her oily finger deep into her bottom, what shocked Claudia most was not the illicit nature of the invasion, but how pleasurable it felt.

    Something about it made her feel naughty. So very naughty. It made her feel like she should be the one bending over that gate, that she should be the one having her buttocks whipped.

    Much to Claudia’s sorrow, the priestess did not linger, withdrawing her finger and continuing the massage in long sweeps from her shoulders to her waist, soothing every muscle in her back and neck until Claudia’s fingers and toes tingled. Once she’d finished teasing her scalp and the lobes of her ears, she turned Claudia onto her back. She began by massaging the crown of her head, before moving downward to delicately rub her forehead, below her eyes, and then her throat, before her slick hands cupped Claudia’s small firm breasts.

    From behind closed eyelids, Claudia felt fingers exploring the contours of her chest, rubbing her small pink nipples, and gently tugging them. No one had ever touched her in that way before, it made her acutely aware of her nipples, as if the rest of her body had become ephemeral, and the delightful feelings emanating from her breasts were the only sensations she could feel.

    The oily fingers continued their journey, sliding down her tummy, circling the little triangle on her mound and tracing the regions of freshly shaved skin. Sometimes the fingers departed from their lazy circles, slipping down between her lips, finding them wider and fuller, and wetter, on every subsequent visit.

    Claudia couldn’t help but spread her legs wider, basking in these delicious new sensations. She’d played with herself before, of course, but her immature explorations were ludicrously clumsy compared to this woman’s skillful manipulations. She felt hot breath on her little pearl, and then a kiss, warm moist lips gently skimming and sucking her most sensitive folds…

    Continue reading at http://spankingtheatre.tumblr.com/post/43154668195/lupercalia

  9. Treasure Hunt

    "Jeopardy had always been a massive turn-on, ever since her very first orgasm. She’d been home alone in the swimming pool, just idly treading water, when she happened to drift over one of  the waterjets on the pool floor. Warm water had streamed between her legs, causing a strange pleasurable tingling. Instinctively, she’d put a hand inside her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her front bottom, only to find the peculiar tingles intensifying. 

    Distracted, her treading water slowed and she gradually began to sink. Until suddenly she was aware of the water lapping just below her nose. In a panic, her feet danced frantically, toes probing for the bottom of the pool, but she’d floated into the deep end. Her predicament triggered a surge of adrenaline, her kicking became frenzied, which did just enough to lift her face out of the water. Meanwhile her hand continued feverishly rubbing the region between her flailing legs. Weirdly, it made the peril of her precarious situation feel extraordinarily good. 

    Then out of the blue, an intensely pleasurable sensation erupted between her legs, one that seemed to get better and better with each desperate frenzied kick. She danced on the spot, rubbing and writhing as the delicious feeling spread through her body. It was months before she properly understood what had happened - and before she learnt how to replicate it in the dry, safe comfort of her own bed. And it was never more exciting than when she was on the verge of getting caught…”

    Continue reading at  http://spankingtheatre.tumblr.com/post/33858876215/treasure-hunt

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    I open the glass shower door, reaching inside and turning the shower tap to make it reasonably warm. The shower springs to life, water pouring from the silver showerhead to hit the opposite wall. Shutting the door, I turn and lift my shirt over my head. I toss it casually onto the floor and brush my hair from my eyes, glancing across the bathroom to gaze at myself in the mirror.

    At first I just notice myself. Slightly overweight, though pleasantly well-muscled, standing there in just my black lace bra and jeans. But then I notice someone else, with a sly smirk on her face. She’s leaning back against the bathroom door, one arm crossed over her chest to over it and another up by her mouth. Best part is? She’s stark naked. I turn, glancing at my girlfriend behind me. I raise my eyebrow, a small grin tugging at my lips. “Whatcha doing?” I ask her, though I have a sneaky suspicion about what she has in mind for my shower.

    Pushing herself forward from leaning on the door, she walks up to me as I turn to face her entirely. Her arms slide around my waist to my lower back, then down. Her hands ran themselves freely over my ass and gripped it gently. “Mmh…” I sigh softly in pleasure and bite my lip, my eyes catching hers. She winks at me… And quite suddenly we’re getting hot and heavy.

    She grabs the back pockets of my jeans and pulls me close. Our lips collide, and our hands are roaming each other’s bodies. I feel her press against me, sending me stepping backwards until I feel myself pressed against the bathroom counter. We continuously break our kisses; only to urgently bring our lips back together in deep, open-mouthed kisses. Our tongues circle each other, pulling apart and colliding passionately over and over.

    In a break from kisses, she ducks down and I feel her breath on my neck. Her tongue suddenly makes contact with my neck and she drags it down my skin to my collarbones. Here she starts back up the other side of my neck. I let out an exhale, whining softly, and then lift myself up so I’m sitting on the bathroom counter. She steps closer and presses her hips between my legs, and I wrap mine around her.

    With my neck out of reach suddenly, she resorts to leaning forward and kissing my left collarbone. I feel her lips part and she starts softly sucking on my skin gently. Tilting my head back, I reach up and tangle my hand in her hair gently. I lean back against the mirror as she continues. When she pulls back, I glance down and see a small red mark- a hickey. “You’re all mine, babe…” I hear her whisper. I look up at her and notice the smirk, the excited and lustful look in her eyes.

    The shower had gotten hot by now and steam was slowly filling the room- making the air thick and hot. I feel her reach behind my back and undo my bra, tugging it off and then leaning in. I feel her hands cupping my breasts and fondle them gently, leaning down to wrap her lips around one of my nipples- tongue running around it before she sucked gently on it.

    “Ah…” I sigh softly, watching her as she looked up at me- lips still around my nipple as she winked. I feel a jolt through my system and tilt my head back. Mhh… She was damn good at getting me in the mood. I could feel myself pulsating rapidly as she worked her way lower and lower. She moves back as I begin undoing my jeans, sliding them and my thong off. 

    As soon as they’re off, she’s kneeling down and kissing my midsection. Her tongue darts out to drag across my abdomen. Then she teasingly kissed my inner thigh. I gasped softly- I was so eager, my body was pulsating and quaking gently. I look down at her to see her eyes already fixed on mine. She leans in and suddenly runs her tongue over my clit. I inhale, whining gently and tilting my head back. “Mm baby…” I murmur.

    I feel her wrap her arms around my hips and brace myself gently. Soon she was looping her tongue over and around my clit, allowing intense pleasure to emanate from that spot and echo around my body. Pausing, my stomach clenched gently as she only picked up the pace. I gasp, panting gently as she continued- her hand now reaching down to- “OH jesus-“ I yelp in pleasure, tilting my head back as her fingers start to stimulate my gspot. An intense, rolling pleasure takes me over and I start to shake gently.

    “Oh, baby- d-don’t stop… Ahh!” I say in a trembling voice, closing my eyes. My body writhes as the pleasure suddenly breaks and washes over my body with intense passion and heat. My girlfriend keeps it up throughout my orgasm until I’m slumped against the foggy mirror. By now the bathroom is thick with steam and I’m panting a bit heavier for air.

    Reaching for my waist, she advances on me again and we kiss passionately. I slide off the counter and smirk a little bit as our lips break contact, murmuring, “We should take that shower now, baby…” She grins flirtatiously and turns, walking away from me to the shower. She turns the dial down to cool the hot water, and then stepped into it.

    I step in behind her, closing the glass door, then I take the bar of soap and start getting my hands all lathered up. She’s preoccupied just enjoying the warm water, so I have time. Once my hands are covered in soap, I wrap my arms around her waist and slide my hands down her stomach and teasingly across her abdomen.

    She turns to me and wraps her arms around the back of my neck, so I run my hands down to her ass. Running my hands over it, I squeeze it gently and begin working the soap into it. Her delicious lips are meeting mine in passionate open-mouthed kisses as my hands freely roam around her body. Smirking between kisses, I press her against the tile wall gently. Our kiss breaks momentarily, and I notice the impatience in her body language. Damn she must be really horny right now- as I slide my soapy hand down her stomach again, I can feel her trembling.

    My hand reaches her pussy and I slide my finger gently over her clit. “Mmh…” She groans softly. As I slide my fingers deeper, towards her entrance I feel how wet she is. That, plus my soapiness makes it easy to slide two fingers into her. I hear her gasp and feel her fingernails dig into my back gently. It doesn’t hurt- in fact, it fills me with a new feeling- lust.

    My new goal was to make her scream for me.

    I grin cockily and begin roughly stimulating her g-spot. I hear her gasp and I feel her cling to me tighter. Soft whines build up into long moans which empty her lungs of air; making her gasp afterwards. “Oh, b-baby…” She’ll whimper afterwards, her forehead rested on my shoulder as I continue to pleasure her with just my hand.

    Her hips begin to grind against my hand eagerly and her mouth is open- breathing through moans of pure ecstasy. Time to kick it up a notch. I drop to my knees suddenly and she grips my hair nearly right away, knowing what is coming. I grin and lean in, running my tongue over her clit as I pick up the pace even more with my hand. My arm is cramping but I don’t care.

    Suddenly she shouts, “Oh my fucking God- yes- m-more!” I know she’s close, so I wrap my lips around her clit and run my tongue over it. She’s pushed over the edge and her body quakes- swaying and writhing as she tries to stay upright from the intense pleasure. Her shouts and moans are the best though- loud and short from her lack of breath, emanating from her core.

    Finally, once her orgasm is over, I stand up rather quick. She’s tired and is having a few problems keeping herself up, so I wrap my arms around her, looking into her half closed eyes. I smile and lick my lips, kissing her once. Pulling back, I hear her mumble; “I love you baby..”

    So I respond, “I love you too.” 

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    Mikes Tongue Works

    Mike’s Tongue Works

    I pull her back on the bed, her arm still twisted behind her, running my tongue over the soft skin of her shoulder, lapping in the dip of her collarbone, the blood pulsing through the veins in her neck, betraying her arousal. She flinches as I lick down her chest, smiling at her sexy pert breasts, the nipples pointy and so hard they look almost like stone against the softer surrounding skin.

    I feel her hand snaking up my back, her nails tickling rather than scratching as she grips around my waist. I draw deep on her nipple and quiver at the gasp of excitement that escapes her lips. Circling my tongue, I lap slowly, slowly, slowly, then flick hard, slowly, slowly, slowly, then flick hard. Her hands tighten on my waist, her legs stretching out, and her toes curling downwards. I move so I am straddling her waist, I can feel her mound just beneath my cock, my pre-cum juice so abundant it rubs against her skin, she tilts up and her pussy brushes against me. Fuck, she is so horny I want to devour her.

    I continue to lick her nipple, my free hand rolling her other nipple between my fingers. Her breaths shallow, getting faster. I am nervous as I work my way down her stomach, which dips, under my tongue. She knows where I am heading and so do I. I try to control my breath, my throat dry and my body tense. I have waited so long for this it is almost unreal, everything seems to slow as I nudge my way further down. I am not in a rush. I want this to be perfect for her and for me.

    Her skin smells faintly of soap, soft and warm, so alien and yet so familiar, like coming home. I brush past her mound, instead heading for the tops of her thighs, and she squirms underneath me, a frustrated sigh leaving her mouth, conscious or not, I do not know. I bite her skin gently, flicking my tongue in circles, drawing in a deep breath to consume her within me. She smells different, it is not like something I can describe, like sex and heat and musky and sweet, and delicious, so very delicious.

     She is looking down at me as I look up, smiling at her, my tongue teasing out of my mouth, my eyes in a question.

     "Want to feel this tongue somewhere else do you?"

    She nods as she grabs a chunk of my hair, pulling me gently towards her waiting pussy. The light cascading from the window highlights how wet she is, I can almost see her lips trembling as I close the gap, inch by inch by inch, and then I stick out my tongue.

    I’m so horny I think I might combust with my own need, I slam down against the sheet trying to satisfy myself, but it’s no good, I’m going to have to hold on until it’s my turn. She jumps as the tip of my tongue touches her clit. It is harder than I imagined it would be, pliable under my tongue, moving as I move, undulating as I lap my tongue over it, gently and slowly. She mumbles something as she bites her fingers. That is a good sign.

    Using longer strokes I work my way around her folds, searching her all out, wanting to taste everything; smell everything, feel everything I can. Her metallic film coats my tongue and lips, as she bucks up off the bed she coats my chin and nose, but it spurs me on even more, and by God, her sounds are horny. It feels like I’m licking the inside of my own mouth, her pussy not like anything I’ve ever licked before, everything about it so mesmerizingly beautiful; I’m totally transfixed on the moment.

    I grip around her thighs as I lick her harder and faster, plunging my tongue inside her pussy. So strange and yet so horny too, I wish I could see myself tongue fucking her, sliding deep inside and then pulling out, feeling like I’m going to suffocate as I try to lick, suck and fuck while trying breath all at once. She bucks off the bed harder and starts to growl at me, her grip tight in my hair, grinding herself against my now sodden face.

    I am completely smothered by her, but I do not care, I have to make this sexy, delicious, horny woman cum. I release her thigh and squeeze my arm under us both, toying her pussy lips with my fingers, brushing against her and grinning as she squirms, her hands clawing the bed now in frustration. I know exactly how she is feeling, and she is just where I want her right now.

    "Oh fuck, Mike please,"

    I mumble against her pussy, sucking her clit into my mouth in fluid movements.

    "Please, please put your fingers in me. “Urghhhhhhh."

    I feel her body lift of the bed as I slide three fingers inside her. She is tight and so hot and wet as I plunge them in, lifting my knuckles so I can stretch her fully, so she can feel me inside her, sliding back and forwards deep in her cunt while I continue to suck her clit.

    I giggle as she starts bucking up harder, I feel like I am in a rodeo, she thrust her pussy hard against my hand, her head tossing from side to side. I can feel her legs and arse sweating around my face, or is it me sweating, because fuck, it is hot down here. I wince as she grabs my hair again, yanking me higher up until my nose is practically buried inside her, I lap with my tongue and fuck with my fingers as hard and fast as I can.

    I feel her start to contract around me. The sounds are muffled but I know her moans are steady and strong, her pussy clamping down on my fingers. I change to a fish type motion, pulsing my fingers up and down to rub against her g-spot and squeal against her clit as she screams at me.

    "Fuck… Oh, Oh, Oh"

    That’s it you beautiful girl, cum for me, cum for me right now. I want to bathe in you.

    She slams her palms down on the bed, grabbing chunks of sheet and dragging them into her chest as her thighs squash around my head, almost crushing me, her heels in the small of my back push me down flat onto the bed and then she jumps and shudders and then yells out, tipping back her head.

    I feel her whole body shaking around me, her pussy spasming on my hand and suddenly flooding with juice that runs down my wrist and to my elbows. Wow, she cums a lot…. I am overwhelmed with the desire to stick my head in and drink it all.

    She pushes against my shoulders with her feet trying to stop me. No doubt, it is too intense for her, coming down from her orgasm, but I have to drink her up. I have to consume what I created, the pleasure I caused her, that she in turn caused me. When she pushes my head with force, I know to stop, and rest my head against her thigh as she catches her breath, still raspy and broken with sobs.

    Looking up, she is crying. I scoot up the bed, taking her head in my hands, brushing her face with my fingers.

    "What is it?" I ask, alarmed. She smiles at me, running her finger over my pussy soaked lips, before kissing me softly.

    "I always cry when I cum that hard." Her eyes are doe like as she stares at me.

    Despite the thumping need between my legs. I pull her head onto my chest and cradle her to me.

    "Rest awhile. We have a long night ahead of us…

  12. Cherry Red

    Both of us had dressed in matching white button-up tops and ties for a small event hosted by my boss, which we’d both drank some. Slightly tipsy, we’d teased each other on and off throughout the evening until we left, deciding to walk the short way home. It was when we reached our flat that things got interesting…

    I let the door click closed behind me, and before I knew it I was being pressed against the wall and kissed by those delicious cherry red lips. Smirking into the kiss, I felt her take a hold of my wrists and pin them to the wall. Cute. I turn my wrists to take hers and grin as I side-step my way out from her holding me to the wall. I’m pleased when a frown of frustration works its way onto her face. “Come on baby,” I practically purr as I take the end of her tie and lead her into the bedroom.

    Once inside, I turn to her and run my hands from the dip in her back to her ass; allowing myself to grab and grope as she lets out a sharp exhale of excitement. I feel her reach up, trying her best to undo the buttons on my shirt with fumbling hands. Laughing a little, I let her go to slip the shirt over my head and toss it carelessly onto the floor. She follows suit and eagerly goes back to touching me and running her hands up my sides.

     The second her soft skin is revealed I’m kissing her neck eagerly. Hands firmly planted on her hips- I direct her back to the bed. She lets out a small squeak of surprise as we fall back onto it and I press her against the covers with my body.

     My eager lips and tongue dance over her neck to her collarbones while my hands work to undo the clasp on that pesky bra of hers…  It comes off just as I reach her breasts, my tongue darting out to circle her hardened nipples. This earns me a gasp from her, and I feel her place one hand on the back of my head. I grunt softly- she knows I love the feeling of her hand there…

    Working my way downwards from her breasts, I nip softly at her soft stomach. My tongue traces a line down to her navel, which I kiss slowly and softly afterwards. Her hips twitch eagerly and I feel her grip my hair in subtle excitement. Hmhm… Glancing up at her, I catch her eye and wink once- a smirk tugging at my lips as I trail kisses back up her stomach, undoing her jeans as my lips reach hers.

    She lets out a little whine of complaint; the teasing is her least favorite part, but she knows it’s worth every second. I dip down to her breasts and suck one of her nipples into my mouth as I tug down her jeans and underwear, which she takes off after she realizes they’re undone. This time, going down her stomach, I suck softly with each kiss and hold onto her trembling hips with both hands.

    “Babe,” She pants softly. “Hnn.. Now.” I feel her tug my hair and it gets a pleasant jolt through my system, but I don’t budge.  Instead,

    I laugh a little and run my tongue over her waistline and she gasps. “You’re cute when you try to be dominant.” I reply, winking up at her as I see her half-closed eyes on me. Her face goes pink and I grin, then I wrap my arms under her thighs to hold onto her hips.

    Lifting them up gently, I lean in and run my tongue from her entrance up to her clit. Damn she was wet. I avoided touching her clit, just for the little extra tease. She stiffened, waiting for it, but instead I kissed her inner thigh. I felt her hand grip my hair more and heard her grunt in frustration from my teasing. Chuckling, I move back to her sweet pussy and delve my tongue back in to circle her clit with the tip of my tongue.

    This elicits a gasp from her mouth and her back arched as I gently pressed my lips against her clit. I could feel it pulsing eagerly underneath my lips… Everything was still for a moment, she was even holding her breath. Grinning, I complied to her needs and wrapped my lips slowly around her clit. She gasped as I ran my tongue over it- her hips jerked and she squirmed from my touch.

    I kept this up for a while, but it wasn’t taking her long to get close to orgasm. I pull back from her clit, letting my tongue flick over it. “A-ah…” She gasps, “Don’t stop now…” Her pleasured whimpers were sending shivers through my body. I wanted to make her squirm and shout my name- and I would. I let one of my hands trail from her hips to her pussy.

    I glanced up at her and saw that her head tilted back. “Look,” I whispered, a smirk tugging at my lips again as her eyes look down to follow what I’m doing. Reaching down, I slid two of my fingers into her. Her back arched as she felt me slowly curl my fingers to stimulate her g-spot. I heard her inhale, and her eyes flicked up then closed as she tilted her head back once more with a moan escaping her.

    I dipped my head down once more and ran my tongue over her clit eagerly- picking up my pace with my fingers. “O-oh my god,” I hear her gasp. Suddenly, both hands are tangled in my hair and eagerly pressing my head down. “Don’t you dare stop..!” She whined. Her voice fluxuated and her body suddenly writhed, back arched, moans escaping her sexy red lips. “Oh b-baby…”  I kept up the pace until she was reduced to shivering and panting- her hands going limp and sliding down from my head.

    A smile stretched across my face as I licked my fingers clean, and then pushed myself up onto her hands and knees. I crawled up her body, kissing her perfect skin every now and then before reaching her face. She looked tired- but the electricity of lust was still clear in her eyes.

    “It’s your turn now, babe…” 

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    I’ll Make It Fit

    I watched him while he stuck his head through the 2 front seats to speak to the Taxi driver. He gave him his address then lay back in the seat and turned his head towards me. He realized I was watching him and he gave me a crooked smile. I smiled back, raised an eyebrow slyly and - I don’t know if it was all the cappuccino in my system or if I was just living in the moment but - I decided to make a move. I directed my hand from my lap and placed it on his knee. His eyebrows rose fractionally as I slowly traced my fingers lightly up his inner thigh. His facial expression changed from surprised to pleased when my hand reached the top of his loose jeans. I slid my hands inside his pants and I could feel his bulge. His erection was growing under my touch.

    He knew where this was going and I’m pretty sure he thought I did too but… I didn’t. This was the point of the movie where they usually skip to the sex scene at the apartment. I didn’t know what to do next- so I just did what felt right: I brought my lips to his, kissing him slowly, then I moved my lips, kissing him across his jaw line, down his neck to the top of his chest and back up to his lips while rubbing him through his briefs. I could feel him getting harder under me. Then I pulled away abruptly, opened my eyes, moved my hands from inside his pants to his stomach and looked up at him, amused.


    “What?” he asked, flustered.


    “Gotta save some for later”, I responded with a wink, patting his firm belly.


    He furrowed his eyebrows for a moment while staring at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Then he closed his eyes, let out a long sigh and leaned back in the seat with his arms crossed.


    God, he’s so handsome.


    “You’re such a tease, you know that?” he said as the car stopped in front of his house. “Yeah”, I shrugged and got out of the car.

    I paid the driver and started making my way towards his door with him following closely behind. I got out my key to open the door as I felt his hands on my waist. He pulled me into him so I could feel his still-hard erection at my lower back and started kissing the back of my neck. I giggled and opened the door. As we stepped inside, he let go of me to close the door and lock it behind him. I was about to take off my shoes when he spun me around, grabbing my waist, and began kissing me softly and slowly. I smiled, mid-kiss, and put my hands around his neck, but he quickly pulled them off him and pinned me against the wall with my arms above my head. He started kissing me harder while holding both my wrists with one hand and using his other to zip off my jacket. He stopped kissing me and let go of my hands, pulling my jacket off. I looked up at him as I moved my hands to his biceps. He was staring into my eyes,

    “I love you, Em. I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before. And you drive me crazy sometimes, but it’s like you’re always there at the end if that road waiting for me. And… I don’t know. I-I just…um—“,

    I kissed him, effectively putting a halt to his stuttering.

    “I love you too, babe.”

    I continued kissing him and he picked my legs up and held them around his waist by my thighs. He started moving his pelvis into mine, grinding his body against me. I tried to match his movements, rubbing his bulge into me. I moaned into his mouth. Everything about him- his touch, his movements- felt nearly electrifying. I was going to cum right here if he kept this up.

    “Bed”, I breathed out.

    He chuckled and started walking down the hall without breaking the kiss. I could feel a door behind my back so I pushed it open and he brought me inside his bedroom. Lowering me down onto the bed without parting his lips from mine, he started to hitch up my skirt and rub me through my panties. He stopped kissing me and started tugging at my skirt’s zipper.

    “Why do you wear these things?” he asked, sounding almost annoyed, but playful.

    “Wear what things?”

    “Clothes”, he huffed as he successfully removed my bottoms & threw them onto the floor. I chuckled as he pulled my panties to the side and started kissing me again He continued rubbing me but the skin-to-skin contact was so much better in comparison. His fingers on one of my most sensitive places made the electric feeling seem intensified. He was softly circling my clit and squeezing it a bit between his fingers. It was do light, nearly unbearable, I tensed almost automatically.

    “Relax babe”, he said in a near whisper & this time, he stuck his finger inside me.

    “God you’re so ready”, he groaned in what sounded like admiration. He moved himself in and out of me and my body winced and I moaned at the pain. I wanted to hide my discomfort; I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to give myself to him in all ways; I wanted him to take me.

    He went softly at first and as he gradually got rougher, my moans became louder and of pleasure. He stopped kissing me and looked down at me while he pushed another finger inside me. I closed my eyes and bit my lip while I exhaled deeply, clutching his fingers inside me. Using his free hand, he pulled my bra cups under my breasts and kissed me from my neck to my belly button making sure to stop and pay special attention to my nipples and leaving soft bite marks. The contrast between the lightness of his touch and the roughness of his fingers thrusting inside me was driving me wild.

    Then he stopped fingering me and, before I could open my eyes. I felt his head in between my legs. He nipped and kissed and kneaded the inside of each of my thighs, going back and forth between each of them. He would come so tantalizingly close to my sex, and then pass the part of me that needed the most attention and continue his assault on my other thigh. It was torture. I groaned and tried to wriggle myself closer to him. He chuckled and kissed me through my panties.

    “Payback baby”.

    I groaned, “Zion, please”, I pleaded.

    My voice sounded so different, like it was dripping with need.

     He licked up my thigh once more before spreading my legs wider apart and pulling my panties aside a bit. He ran his tongue up from my hole to my clit and I moaned in appreciation.

    “You taste divine”.

    I shuddered. His voice alone had me reeling. He softly sucked me, and for a moment all you could hear was the gentile smacking of his mouth on me and my erratic breathing. I could feel his tongue on my clit, and his lips on my clit and his lips on my lips. He was only in one spot, but I felt the tingle throughout my whole body. I tangled my fingers in his hair & arched my back as I let out sounds I didn’t even know I could make. My breaths were choppy as my stomach buckled. The sensations pulsing through me were causing me to gyrate uncontrollably and he held my legs down like they had a mind of their own. I was building until I couldn’t take it anymore and I came, shaking, while a rush a pleasure washed over me. He continued toying with my clit, making my orgasm last and last. Finally, I gently started pulling his head towards mine. I wanted to taste myself on him. We kissed and he turned us over so that I was on top of him. He sat us up against the head board so I pulled up my panties, took off my bra and sat on his thighs with my face in his neck. I started to kiss him softly, trying to get my breathing back to normal as he held the back of my head in his hand. I could still feel his erection under me and I wanted to do something about that.


    “Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” He almost whispered.

    Oh… not where I thought this was going.

    I stopped kissing him for a second, and then continued like I didn’t hear him.

    “Em..” He said louder.

    I stopped kissing him and looked up to find him staring at the celling.

    “What?” I asked. 

    “You heard me”, he said, a little sternly.

    I exhaled deeply, placing my hands on his upper body and tracing circles on his chest with my right hand, looking down. He moved his hands to my lower back and tapped his thumbs on me, impatiently. 

    “I don’t know…” I said so quietly I didn’t think he’d heard.  

    “You don’t know?” he asked like that was my response to a simple addition question.

    A few moments of silence passed until I spoke up,

    “How’d you know?” I asked, looking up at him once again.

    He let out a short breath and this time he looked me in my eyes,

    “I was inside of you, Em. I could feel you. You were so tight; you could barely take a finger.  And your reactions… How’d you think I wouldn’t know?

    I rolled my eyes. How the hell is he so sure about what a virgin feels like?

    I scoffed, “Been with a lot of virgins, huh?” I asked, suddenly feeling upset.

     He shuffled underneath me and let out a long breath.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked in a gentler tone.

    I laid my head back down and spoke into his neck,

    “I thought you’d have a better time if you thought you were with someone more experienced.” 

    He cupped my chin and lifted my head up so I was facing him,

    “I have better times when I’m solely with you, Em. You know that.”  

    I smiled shyly; he always knew exactly what to say. I rose up and kissed him passionately, his tongue easily winning dominance in my mouth. I started grinding my hips into his reveling in the feel of his bulge growing under me. I loved that I had an effect on him.  I broke the kiss to undo his pants. I wanted him. Now.

    “Em, you don’t hav-“, he started.

    “I want to”, I cut him off.

    And with that I pulled his pants off and threw them beside the bed. Then I went for his boxers, tugging on them slowly while his dick struggled to be released from its restraints. When I finally got his boxers off, his dick sprung up straight and it was then when I took in his true size. I swallowed hard at how large he was.

     “I don’t know how that’s going to fit inside me…”, my voice was shaking as I stared at him.

    He pulled me by the side of my thighs until his dick and my sex met up and looking me in my eyes he growled, hungrily,

    “I’ll make it fit.”

    I shuddered at his words, I’ve never heard him sound like that before. It was… hot.

    He kissed me while he laid me down onto the bed with him in between my legs.

    Slowly, he used his teeth to pull down my panties. I was shivering in anticipation.

    He came back up to face me and I’m guessing he could feel how tense I was.

    “Just relax, Em”, he said while looking into my eyes. I saw him look me over; he’d never seen me naked before. He smiled and looked back up at me as he stuck 2 fingers inside me again. I bit my lip and closed my eyes while letting out a long, shallow breath. I could feel his breath on my chest. He started sucking on my left nipple, nibbling at times, and playing with my other, tugging and pinching.

    “I need to stretch you out a bit, babe, so I won’t hurt you. Ok?”

    I nodded stiffly.

    He put a 3rd finger inside me and I shot upwards. He stilled and he held me by my shoulder.

    “Easy, baby. It’s only gunna hurt for a bit”

    I tried to relax and focus on the fact that this lovely, beautiful man was here… with me.

    Gradually, I started to feel different, enjoying the motion of his fingers pulsing inside me.

    When he realized that I was experiencing more pleasure than pain, he stopped. I sighed and looked up at him. He was staring at my body, trailing it upwards until his eyes met mine. He looked down at his dick and looked back up at me. He leaned over me and got out a condom from his top drawer, got it out of the package and put it on.

    I bit my lip as I felt him rub my clit with his dick. I let out a soft moan and tried to relax more as I felt him entering me while continuing to rub my clit with his thumb. I held my breath feeling his whole head inside me. “Em, relax”, he said. I exhaled, gripping the sheets like I was about to go down the biggest dip on the roller-coaster  The deeper he eased into me, the harder it was for me to stay quiet. When he was all the way in, we both uttered in unison,


    I faintly smiled up at him, he was giving me that crooked smile as he pulled out and entered me again. He was understandingly gentle through the first few moments until I realized I wanted more. I wanted more pressure, I wanted speed.

    “Harder”, I mumbled, breathy.

    “What, babe?” he asked as he stopped his motion.

    I put my calves around his lower back, locking my feet together, and pulled him back inside me, hard. My scream got caught in my throat.

    “Fuck me harder”, I said with more clarity.

    He held the back of my head and lowered his head down to mine kissing me as he rammed his cock inside me. This time I screamed into his mouth. He held his forehead to mine as he shoved himself inside me thrust after thrust until he flipped us over. I was sitting on him now, with his dick still inside me. He lifted me up and pushed me down back onto him. He was slamming into me so hard I tilted my head so far back I thought I saw my own ass shake. I could feel myself coming to my climax and I could tell he was too. He flipped us over once more, going full force. He was grunting into my neck and I was leaving temporary tattoos on his back and rubbing my clit furiously. He thrust once more as he bit my neck and came; As did I. There was a rush from my head to the tip of my toes. My whole body shook as he pulled out of me and laid up beside me. I just laid there, feeling like I was unable to move. I felt him pulling me into his lap with my back to his chest, holding his arms around me and pulling the coverers over us. He was trying to calm his breathing as he kissed my head and muttered,

    “Hey, Em.”


    “Told you I’d fit.”

  14. Make Up Sex

    Tonight I envisioned myself in a large spacious master bed. Finally sleeping from a night of crying. I don’t know why. You come into the room, with messy hair, red eyes, and in boxers. You see a soft lump under the sheets and sigh.You climb in and turn to where I lay and push the hair out of my face. You kiss my forehead and tear streaked cheek. You lean in and whisper in my ear an apology. An apology which made you heave and sigh. I feel a drop of moisture on my eyelid and creek it open. You kiss my lips, without knowing I have awoken, in an apologetic way.I t was clear to me that we were fighting.You turn around and face the closet door, your back towards me. You sniffle to keep it in and sigh. Under your breath you say once more you were sorry. I lay there, knowing that this is all familiar… Like shows and movies we’ve watched together. I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t a show, a movie, or a fairy tale… This is reality…’ My train of thought ends as you start to softly snort occasionally. I start drawing lines, squiggels and circles on your back, which turn into words. Words of apology. I sit up and lean towards your body and kiss your shoulder blade up to your defined jawline. I whispered in your ear, “I love you darling… And I’m sorry we fought again tonight…” With that, I kissed your cheek down to the corner of your lips. You surprised me by turning around and kissing me back. I look into your tear brimmed eyes and crack a smile and hug you the tightest I can as you do the same. We part our heads as we embrace. We don’t look at each other’s eyes, though your foreheads are touching. “No matter what, I’ll always forgive and love you…” You say under breath. With that, you kiss me. You kiss me with the most innocent touch, like our first kiss… The kiss gradually became deeper and deeper, your love surging into me. The innocent kisses weren’t so innocent anymore. You tugged on my hair and pushed me down onto the bed. You then kissed my jawline and neck, leading down to my collar bone and my upper torso. You pulled down my tank top and butterfly kissed the scars on the brink of my breasts. You pulled back and looked into my eyes with eyes I could not recall. You kissed the scars on my wrist and arms, the ones on my lower torso and thighs. My jaw clenched with an emotion I could not define. You preceded and uncovered my breasts, kissing them gently yet so fierce. I sighed from the warmth of your lips. You kissed my torso downwards to my waist and playfully tugged my panties down. I got giddy as your look of mischief got more intense. You kissed it as I gasped. You smirked and licked and sucked my tenders as I cry out in pleasure. You stick in a finger, then two. I cried out your name in pleasure and raked the sheets surrounding us. You stopped abruptly and kissed and sucked my perky nipples. You kissed your way up to my lips and kissed me with lust. You thrusted towards me and I cried out in surprise as your member slipped in me. You were gentle at first but lust got to you. With each thrust, you went harder and faster. At this point, my nails are digging into your back from pleasure, and your arms are wrapped around me. As we get to our climax, you kiss my neck and bite. I felt the surge through my toes, which curled, up to my head, which was now thrown back. I say your name with pleasure and exhaustion for the last time as you climax as well. I felt the warmth of your body fluids flow in me. You lay there for another minute before taking it out. You lie there, with your arm around me as I snuggled you. I mumble out an I love you, as I closed my eyes, knowing that everything will always be alright, as long as you were with me.

  15. A master and his pet (first attempt at anything like this)

    I’m wearing your favorite outfit, tight leather black corset with buckles across the front, it supports my breasts perfectly making them look huge, they’re falling out at the top. It has a little see-through tutu at the bottom, it’s super short and only covers about half of my ass, which is barely covered by a lace thong in your favorite color, and a garter. Also of course, my collar, shiny black material with a heart charm. You walk in the door, I greet you energetically  and hug you as you have made the rule for me to do, and as I do each day. You grab my collar and gently pull me in and kiss me. I look up at you and smile sweetly. I serve you food and rub your shoulders as we sit on the couch, we eat and talk about your day. After we’re done eating I put the dishes in the sink, when I come back you take my hand and motion for me to sit on your lap, I sit facing you, you ask me if I’ve done my chores, and when I say I have you tell me I’m a good girl.

    I slide over onto the couch beside you, you wrap your arm around me and pull me in for a kiss as you start to unbutton your pants. You slide your hand up the back of my neck, then onto my head, you push me down into your lap. I begin gently licking you, just getting you wet for what’s about to come. After the entire head of your dick is wet, I stop and climb down off the couch onto the floor and get on my knees, I look up at you as I start to go down on you, I’m going as deep and fast as I can, almost gagging. You’re hand combing my hair, suddenly you pull my head up and push me back onto the floor and tackle me. We start making out and you’re slowly grinding on top of me.

    You flip over onto your side and I’m on my back. As you kiss me. you start rubbing my thighs, you work your way up to my hips and trace my hip bones with your thumb, reaching up under my skirt you slide down my thong. I spread my legs for you, I’m already getting wet. I can feel your dick against my thigh, it’s really hard. You rub the outside for a second then spread me open, you rub my clit and the area around it. It’s so sensitive and it feels amazing. With your other hand you alternate between cradling my neck, grabbing my hair, and touching my breasts. You work your way down, and tease me a bit by running your finger around the opening. You slowly start to slide in one finger, then you push it all the way in. I’m already softly moaning, as you slide in a second finger I moan a bit louder and you kiss me so I stay quiet.

    It feels amazing, I’m almost about to cum, I’m lifting my ass off the ground and pushing into your hand, begging you to be rougher with body language. You can tell I’m about to cum, my pussy is throbbing and wanting more, I’m really wet, however you instantly pull your fingers out, I gasp from the sudden movement. I begin to protest but you stick your fingers in my mouth. I can taste myself on them, “Not yet”, you tell me as you reach under the couch to pull something out.

    It’s a chain leash, you snap it on to the heart charm and take your fingers out of my mouth. You begin to lead me down the hall. I’m crawling on the floor behind you, thong still around my thighs, I catch you looking back at my ass, it wiggles as I crawl. My pussy is really wet and I can feel it start to trail down my inner thighs. You lead me into the bedroom and yank upward on the leash pretty hard forcing me to my feet but not allowing me to stand up completely, I hunch over the bed. You start slapping my ass, occasionally stopping to rub my pussy from behind, then go back to the spankings. You then push me onto the bed and flip me over. You playfully wrestle me into submission as you put my wrists into the wrist cuffs, my arms above my head make my breasts stand up more, and then you turn to put my ankles into their cuffs as well, I squirm and giggle as you lightly tickle my foot for a second. You go and grab something from the top drawer, the key to our toy box. I hear you rustling around the stuff inside it, and you pull out a red, silk, blindfold. You walk over and put it on me.

    Next I hear more rustling, and then a low hum. Suddenly there’s a slight breeze between my legs, I realize you just flipped up my skirt. I feel your rough hands spreading me open, the next thing I know there’s an intense vibration on my clit. The sensation is indescribable, I squirm, even though I can’t see you, I know you’re enjoying it. It’s so pleasurable yet so teasing as well, I’m already wanting to come since I was just denied in the living room. You drag your fingers along my side, a sigh turns into a giggle. Somehow you can always tell when I’m about to climax and you take the toy away. This goes on for quite some time.

    You turn off the toy, I hear footsteps and more rustling, I hear you sliding off your clothes. I think to myself, finally I’ll get to come (at least I hope). I’m really excited, and really wet. You slide the blindfold off of me and toss it aside. You’re hovering over me, you crawl backwards and kiss my thighs, then spread my pussy open and kiss my clit, then my belly button, then my cleavage, then my neck where my collar rests on my collarbones. I love every sweet kiss. Then you move upward and put your cock in my mouth one last time to get you wet, then you move back and lower yourself on top of me. “Ready to come?” You ask, and as good girls reply “Yes, Master”. My legs are spread for you, my pussy is spread open, I can’t move and I love it, you start to enter me. Slow and gentle first, with care so you don’t hurt me. I’m soaked at this point so your cock slides in quite easily, I want it so bad my pussy is gaping open for it. Once you’re all the way in we both know what that means. You start fucking me really hard, thrusting in and out, over and over, faster and faster, my tits bouncing with your movements. Your hands touching me all over my breasts, my shoulders, and grabbing at my hair. I’m restrained and I can’t do anything to make you slow down, and it turns me on so much. I can tell it feels as good to you as it does me by the look on your face. My moans start out soft, but then build louder as I get closer, after all the teasing I feel like I could come in an instant. I beg you to come in a broken voice in between moans and sighs, at first it seems like you don’t hear me, you keep fucking away. I’m anxious, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out. You look at me and whisper to go ahead. I do, I come really hard, I clench down and I can feel my pussy throbbing. Bliss. We keep fucking hard for a long time, I come several times, then one final time, but it’s different, it’s really strong, I arch my back, my breasts fall back, I point my toes and stretch out my legs, my breasts bouncing as you fuck me. I feel a wetness trickling down my thigh, “I think….I think I just squirted”, I say, but you don’t even slow down, much less you speed up, then I feel your hard cock throbbing, there’s this rush inside me and I can tell you’re coming hard too, then suddenly you collapse on top of me.

    We’re both breathing heavily and you’re all sweaty. I love it. We lay together for a few minutes and say I love you to one another. You then get up and leave the room naked. I hear water running and assume you’re cleaning up. I can feel your cum slowly dripping out of me and it feels great. Minutes later you come back in and get dressed. You turn to me and take all the cuffs off. You tell me I need to clean up, I follow you into the bathroom, take off my outfit and collar and climb into the shower. I sit on the bath tub floor in an innocent, child-like position. You grab the sprayer and start hosing me down. Water bounces off my breasts and streams down my stomach into my pussy rinsing away sweat and cum. You turn off the sprayer, get some soap and wash my body. Rubbing every part of me down until I’m slick and foamy. You rinse me off again, this time more playful, focusing on my clit with the shower head on the highest setting, it tickles and I splash some of the water back at you. I get up and you wrap me in a towel, put my collar back on me, and we go back to the bedroom. You take off your clothes too and we sleep naked, me still soaking wet, spooning.