1. Punishment Panties

    A longform erotic story, for those who like to savour words and delight their imaginations

    “On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” — George Orwell

    Alice wore her reins, every day.

    She wore them to work under her elegant business suit. She wore them around the house under her jeans. She wore them whenever she went out, hidden beneath her pretty summer dress as she casually chatted with friends. She even wore her reins when she went to the gym, they were clearly visible whenever she undressed, yet no-one ever noticed. It was her kinky secret, hidden in plain sight, beyond the perception of all around her, as they busied themselves with towels, leotards, sprays and all the other paraphernalia of fitness.

    Only He could see her reins, only He knew how to take them. He could control her with just one skillful hand. He could tug her, slowly increasing the force she felt, quickly silencing her bratty mouth until she was as still as a statue. He could tease her, slowly releasing his hold, feeling her squirm and longing for more, arching her back expectantly… until another firm tug brought a moan, and a reminder of who was really in charge.

    That familiar soreness between her legs had been the sensation of discipline for as long as she could remember. It had begun with the appointment of Ms McGiven, an old-fashioned governess who’d brought with her some very old-fashioned methods of dealing with naughty girls. Goodness, it must have been fifteen years now since the first time.

    We are the sum of our stories. And Alice could remember one particular story like yesterday. She thought of it often, retrieving it from her memory like a treasured relic, replaying it when drifting off to sleep with her fingers between her thighs, that one beautiful summer when Penny came to stay.

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  2. My Demon Lover

    He stands behind me with his hard strong body pushing onto mine. I can feel every inch of him, from my shoulders to my knees. Using his fingertips, he pushes my hair out of the way while kissing my shoulder. He runs his wet tongue up my neck, causing me to shiver, my body reacting instantly, my pussy clenching as I feel my wetness, my nipples instantly erect; throbbing for more. He takes my hands one at a time and raises them above my head, onto his shoulders so my body is taut and craving his touch once again. As I feel his body rubbing and caressing my back, I put my hands behind his neck, tugging the hair at the nape in my impatience for him to continue. He lets out a sexy laugh, knowing exactly what I want and need; running his hands down my body, then up under my white cheesecloth blouse cupping my swelling, sensitive breasts. He lets out a surprised breath as he discovers the pierced left nipple with the bar and a ball on each side that caresses and stimulates my sex even further. His thumb and index finger lightly pinches my nipples and then flicks back and forth across my engorging nubs. I am holding my breath through the sensations; it now rushes out of me as I take a shuddering breath of air into my lungs.

    I lean my head back onto his shoulder, letting go with the orgasmic sensations running through me from head to foot. I feel everything, sense everything; I crave more, I want more. He kisses my neck, running his lips up to my ear, his warm breath on my skin causing me to shake with my impending orgasmic explosion. I cannot stop shaking from the feelings going through me as his fingers continue the pleasure with pinching, then flicking my nipples as both hands are now working together; they move down my body, undoing my pants, pushing  them down enough for access to my nickers, then his hands move quickly around my hips and squeezes my bum cheeks. His hands are inside the lacy fabric, caressing and playing while moving back around and over my pussy mound, his fingers caressing across my swelling clit, causing me to moan and close my eyes for a second. I flick them open quickly, as I love watching what he does to my body, the reactions from his touch; his fingers are skimming across my engorged clit and pussy lips, caressing, playing, making me wet with desire.

    I can’t stop moaning with orgasmic pleasure, little whimpers coming from my partly open mouth, as he uses the palms of his hands and fingers to move up and down my body from my breasts across my quivering stomach down to my pulsing pussy. He stops, and then uses his fingers to rub my clit, up and down with deliciously slow motion, bringing me close to orgasm. I feel his fingers going into my pussy slowly, in and out, as I feel my juices coating me.

    My juices are flowing onto his fingers, I feel the slick wetness as my pussy is clenching, screaming for the ultimate release. His mouth on my ear, his warm breath caressing my skin, as he says those dirty things in my ear, the ones he knows will send me over the edge. And they do, as I let go with my orgasm, he continues his relentless playing, with sexual suggestions, as his fingers continue their slow motion taking me higher, taking me through my orgasm and beyond. While I slowly come down, his juice covered fingers withdraw leaving me panting, wanting. As I lower my arms, he pushes me forward, causing me to lie across the workbench. He pushes my feet apart, so I am spread wide open. I hear his pants drop to the floor, feeling the sensual caress of his body hair on my back, my body screams for him to take possession, to dominate, to control my sex. His mouth on my ear, his scruffy beard making me shiver with desire as he slides into my wetness …”I’m not finished fucking with you yet.”…

    Deborah is the sole owner of this story I am  contributing and I do NOT give permission to others using any specific language or items I have in my stories. NO part of these stories may be reproduced for profit without the express written consent of the Author….All Rights Reserved

  3. I’m sitting in my room when suddenly you walk in. Before I can turn you have pushed me onto the bed, holding me still with one strong hand, the other undressing me. I have no idea who you are. I am terrified, but excited. As soon as I realise what you are doing, my pussy tarts to throb in time with my heart. I try to pull away as I come to my senses and realise that this is wrong, that this shouldn’t be happening with someone I don’t know, but you push me down again. You slip my pants off, leaving me completely naked and exposed. You flip me over so I can see you. My first thought was that you would be hansom if you weren’t scaring the life out of me. You run your hand over my body, your eyes looking me over. You spread my legs easily, despite my struggling, and notice I am wet even in my fear. You strip quickly, and then start kissing my body and licking me softly. I have never felt this before, and gasp. You work your way down my body, touching my tender breasts with one hand the other still pinning me to the bed. Your mouth reaches my pussy and you kiss and lick me there, oblivious to how tense I am. You flick your tongue in and out of me. I am about to cum, but you pull out just before I do. You start fingering me, your fingers sliding through my moist folds. You then jump onto me, and I notice your hard thick cock for the first time, just as you start rubbing my clit, and I gasp in pleasure. You insert three fingers into me and I wince, and cry out. You smack me hard, on my bum. I am still struggling to getaway from you, and you keep threatening me and smacking me until I stop. Your cock is now in front of my face, and you shove it into my mouth. I can’t avoid it so I suck obediently, running my tongue around your cock until you cum straight into my mouth. I swallow, and you pull out of my mouth and kiss me so you can taste yourself. You then resume fingering me and licking me until suddenly you hit my g spot. I cum in seconds, shaking, the stuff pouring out of me. You drink it all and lick my pulsing throbbing red juicy pussy and I am begging you not to stop. You thrust yourself into me and you can feel me quivering around you. You pull out and then thrust back in deeper. You speed up, going deeper, both of us moaning through our kisses, tongues in each others mouths. You pull out, and lick me until I am nearly dry. I cum again, just as you do. Your cock is is my mouth again, your cum in my mouth. I drink it all, and you pull your cock away from my mouth. You lick my pussy and drink my cum, then you rub my clit again. I gasp in pleasure. And suddenly, you are gone.

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  5. Wanting you….

    I am writing this sitting on my big, recliner chair. I have just showered, am wearing only my boxers, and have just read your e-mail response to my last letter. You have made my imagination run wild, and I have decided to spend some time writing out my dream with you. I know what writing this is going to do to me, and I hope it gives you some pleasure as well.

    I like 4 star and 5 star hotels when I travel, and I travel allot. I would invite you to meet me for our first time, our first “real” date in the hotel coffee shop, or maybe next door, in a Starbucks.  I am sitting at a table, waiting for you, when you walk in. You see me, remembering me from my pictures, and come over to me. I rise from my seat, take both your hands, and gently kiss your cheek, saying “hi”.

    You are a little nervous, and just coming to meet me has taken allot of courage.  There is no deceit. I am not meeting you to immediately propose marriage, as we have both decided that we want and need sex, and we wanted to see if it would be good for us. I have expressed my desire for giving a fresh, young and beautiful girl the best experience, and have told you how much I dream of it. You have expressed a deep desire to have an older, careful, gentleman take his time, and to feel multiple orgasms, and experience what’s it’s like with someone who isn’t in a hurry.

    We have all afternoon and night. There is no point in small talk, or trying to impress each other.  I will tell you, honestly, that I am already excited, and anticipating our night, and that I hope you will enjoy our time.

    Taking you by the hand, I lead you to the elevator, and we go up to my room. The heavy curtains are open, and just the sheers are closed, letting in a soft, evening light. The large marble bathroom, with the tub, and walk in shower, is open to the room, so the soft light is also in there. There is no need for additional lights. As we walk in, I lock the door, turning on the “Do Not Disturb” ; lamp. You stand there with me, unsure, and nervous. The closet is next to us, the bathroom facing us.

    Gently, I take your shoulders in my hands, and lean down, kissing your young, soft lips. I take you small bag from your shoulder, and set it in the open closet.  “Relax”, I say. “We have all the time in the world.” And, I slowly start to unbutton your blouse. You start to help, and I tell you not to, just let me.

    Slowly, gently, I unbutton it, and slip it off your shoulders. Reaching behind you, I take a hanger from the closet, and hang it up. You wear a lacy black bra, the swell of your young, firm breasts so beautiful that my breath catches. Putting my arms around you, I pull you to me, and kiss your neck, and forehead, as I un-clasp it. Slipping off your shoulders, and setting it carefully on your small bag, I see your perfect, firm breasts, the nipples beginning to stiffen as I gaze.  You stand, in your skirt, and I cannot stop myself, I bend down, and kiss lightly, each nipple. Stepping back, I slip off my shirt quickly.

    Taking you in my arms, I feel your soft, warmth against my chest, as I run my hands down your back, so soft, such beautiful skin. You feel my skin against your breasts, and it excites you, your nipples stiffen against me. My hands slide down, to your ass,  cupping your firm cheeks, pulling you tightly to me, feeling you against me. You can feel my hardness under my pants, growing, and you press against it. I feel the muscles in your ass, your thighs tighten as you press against me, and it excites me even more.

    Gently, I unzip your skirt, and slide it down slowly. Moving back from you, I kneel down, and carefully slide it down, and off your legs, one foot at a time, also unfastening your high heels, and slipping them off each foot. I set you shoes in the closet, and carefully lay your skirt on the shelf, next to your bag. On my knees, I kiss each hip, and then, softly, slip my fingers under the sides of your panties pulling them down, repeating the first one foot, then the other, and carefully laying them on the skirt.

    Perfectly naked, you stand before me, a vision of youth and beauty. I hold your hips in my hands, and kiss each side, first left, then Right, and as my lips cross from one to the other, they brush the soft hairs of your mound, and I kiss it gently too. My God you are so very beautiful. I stand, and slip out of my pants, and then my boxer shorts. I think my excited size frightens you a little, but you say nothing.

    I lead you into the large, marble shower, and turn on the water to a warm rain. We both rinse, and I take soft shampoo in my hand, and after wetting your hair, gently wash it. I do a good job, massaging you head, and washing your hair thoroughly, rinsing it completely under the soft rain shower. Your head back, eyes closed as the water streams over you, down over your perfect body. You are a goddess. With soft soap, lathered in my hands, I now wash you. Your back to me, I start at your neck, shoulders, then gently lathering your chest and breasts, spending more time on your breasts, my fingers gently massaging your nipples.

    You lean back into me, as I wash, and feel my hard shaft against your back. My hands move lower, washing your smooth, flat belly, and down to your hips. Moving slightly back, I wash your back, starting at your shoulders, and downward. My hands never stop moving, gently massaging, washing. I kneel in the shower, and wash your firm ass cheeks, so soft,. My fingers, slide between. There is NO part of you I will not cleanse, no part I would not touch, explore.

    I was down your legs, wash your feet. Then, turning you to me, I was the fronts of you legs, your feet, your thighs. As I wash your thighs, your hips, my hand will slide between, and I will gently wash your perfect rose. I will take special time rinsing you, making sure all soap is gone, especially carefully, rinsing your beautiful womanhood. As I stand, I kiss that soft hair, your mound and each nipple again. Your body is all I dreamed it would be.

    As I stand, you take the soap, and wash me. Starting at my shoulders, your hands are small, and so soft, it takes you longer as you explore me. You will wash all of me, as I did you.  You will know each place that makes my breath catch as you touch, caress it, as I now know yours. Using both hands, and lather, you will wash my erect, hard cock, feeling it throb and swell to your touch. You will understand how now you can know that we will do whatever it takes for each other. I am not your master, you are not mine, we are two adults, males and female, with needs, wants and desire.  We are becoming sex partners, each striving to give to the other ultimate satisfaction.

    The water is off. I dry you with the big, soft towel, as you dry me. Taking you by the hand, I lead you to the oversized bed. Sitting you on the edge, I bend down, and kiss each nipple, softly begin sucking each. Laying you back, as you are still on the edge, your womanhood now at the edge of the bed. I kneel on the floor, and kiss each thigh, knees, and gently spread your thighs, kissing inside, slowly tracing my lips closer, and closer to your glistening wet rose. I can smell your desire, your juices make you glisten with wetness.

    “May I taste you?” I ask.

    “ Oh God yes…please…” will be your response.

    Kissing the lips of your womanhood, my tongue will explore, tentatively at first, just touching, tasting. My hands, arms will pass under you, and my hands will move to your breasts, and begin massaging your nipples. My tongue will find your clit, as it starts throbbing, swelling and I’ll lick, and suck gently. You are squirming, moaning.  You have lifted your feet to the edge of the bed, your legs wide open to my exploration. You are lifting, pushing your wet womanhood to my lips, my tongue. You hands, fingers grasping my head as I continue to lick, suck. My fingers massaging your nipples faster, firmly but gently as they are so very hard, and sensitive.

    “Let me make you cum “ I whisper…”let me taste you all…”

    I feel you trembling, you gasping, moaning…feel you ready…My mouth covers your young wet, sweet pussy, and I French kiss it deeply, sucking, licking, exploring you inside. You pull my face tightly too you, your legs over my shoulders,  your back arches as you press, thrust your womanhood up to my mouth…and as I feel your spasms start inside, my tongue darts inside, and your juices flow with a rush as your orgasm starts. I time my licks, my sucks with each spasm.

    “Oh GOD„„,OH GOD….OH MY GOD!” you gasp as your body convulses, cums and gushes.

    You taste sooooo good, so hot. In a few moments, you relax a bit. There is no mess, I was able to get it all.  I gently move you up all the way onto the bed, and kneel up on the bed next to you. I bend down, kiss each breast. You cannot help but see my throbbing, swollen cock.  “Do you want me to suck it?” you ask, touching, caressing it.

    “Someday, maybe baby, if you ever really want to…but for now, I want it inside you, deep…I want to feel your tightness, your smooth wet hotness as I slide in and out. I want to feel you cum again, from the inside…and I want to cum deep inside you, fill you”

    “Ohhhh yes please now man,…I want to feel you cum too.”

    Your legs open, and I kneel between them. Rubbing the head of my shaft in your hot wetness, you begin to moan again. Feeling the tip against you is making you hot quickly as you are so sensitive from having just cum. “Ohhhhhh yes….oh please come in now”

    I grab one of the pillows, and put it under your ass, lifting your glorious, wet, hot pussy , you open your legs widely…leaning over you, I press the tip against your waiting hole, with a gentle pressure, the tip pops inside you. You gasp….and moan. I wait, and then ever so gently, press in a little deeper, letting your juices coat me, lubricate me. Ever so slowly, ever so gently, a little deeper each time. I can look down between us, watch my shaft sliding in and out, wet with your juices.

    It will take a few minutes, but then you will have me completely inside. We will move together then, stroking you deeply. You can feel the rim around the head of my cock stroking you in and out…deeply, my shaft throbbing, swelling with each thrust. Your legs wrap around my waits, your hands grasping at my ass, pulling me deep and deeper with each thrust. We both gasp….moan…and CUM explosively together.

    It is a little later, we lay exhausted, naked, and unashamed.  We will experiment more, we have all night.

  6. Mr. Ryan and Madame: Part One

    I sighed as audibly as I could make it and glanced at Ryan through my peripheral vision, trying to get his attention. He was sitting across the couch from me, leaning forwards with a book balanced in one hand while the other toyed with the strings of his sweatpants. I tried to get his attention by dropping my cell phone, seeing if he would look at me. He didn’t. I gave one more shot at it and sighed; again. This time he pushed up his glasses, which had slidden down onto the brim of his nose. He leaned forward, set the book down on the coffee table separating us and laughed at me mockingly, “Bored, are we?”

    I resisted the urge to reply, and only huffed back. He laughed again and groaned as he got up to his feet and stretched his arms upwards, giving me a peek at his slim, defined lower torso. He turned away from me and ran his hands through his short unruly hair, looking over his shoulder at me as he walked loudly across the hollow floors to our bedroom. “Goodnight, Samantha.” He smirked knowing what I craved, but obviously wanting to make me ask for it. He turned out the light switch just outside the bedroom door and shut the door softly behind him, leaving it cracked just enough to where I could see the side of the bed where he slept.

    I watched him in disbelief, was he really going to make me beg? If so, I was going to give him a hell of a hard time getting what he wanted later. I slipped off my slippers and stuck them beside the futon I had been laying on. I smoothed back the loose hair from my by braid and began to walk over the thin strip of light coming from the cracked door. I heard a soft groan and stopped a couple feet from the opening. I positioned my head to where I could see him and noticed something odd about his pants, they were moving. Up and down in fact. Was he masturbating? I thought, I could lend a helping hand, or two.

    I stripped myself down to my underwear, I wasn’t wearing a bra. I pushed the door open with light finger tips and saw his face, it was scrunched up. His mouth was open slightly and he would groan every couple of seconds, his chest was rising and falling dramatically and his breaths were getting quicker and needier. His left hand was gripped tightly around the shaft of his cock, moving up and down at different paces. I was already so turned on I almost pounced on him. I held my ground and stepped into the doorway, leaning against the wooden frame. He saw me and smiled, yet not releasing his grip of his cock.

    “Hello, Mr. Ryan.” I purred as I lowered myself to my knees and crawled towards him, sticking out my ass so it was sticking high into the air. He released the grip of his member, and placed his hands behind his head, waiting for me. I made my way to the edge of the bed and slowly rising. I placed my hands near his calves and hoisted myself up onto the bed, I crawled my way over to his chest and swung my leg around his torso. I lowered myself to where my nipples were lightly grazing his chest, my ass and sticking into the air and I lowered my head close above his.

    He licked his lips, “Hello, Madame.”


    End of Part One

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     Oh my! Your a big fellow :3
*Rose :3

 My eager cock for you Rose.. It said submit.. ;)

     Oh my! Your a big fellow :3

    *Rose :3

     My eager cock for you Rose.. It said submit.. ;)

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    23 y.o. Brooklyn,NY

    23 y.o. Brooklyn,NY

  12. Welcome home, baby

    I feel my pussy start to moisten while day dreaming of you.

    I am anxiously moving about the plane gathering my things, silently cursing the people around me for walking so slow. I have been waiting 4 long months to feel your skin upon mine, to kiss those supple lips, and taste your saliva on my tongue.

     All that stands between us are some slow moving tourists and a few security checks. I see your sweet smile through the crowd and my emotions take over. I drop my bags and run into your arms. But your touch lights a fire in my groin, a longing I have been waiting for you to satisfy since I left you 4 months ago. You must feel it to because you quickly pick up my bags, lean over and whisper to me, “babe if you don’t quickly get your ass to my car, I will rip your clothes off right here in front of everyone.” I have to have you now, it can’t wait. I look around and notice the airport is fairly empty that morning. I stash my bag in a corner and grab your hand, pulling you towards the mens room.

    You push me into the stall, and have my dress off with my ass pressed against the wall. You tell me I better keep quiet or you are going to punish me when we get back to the flat.

    You force me to my knees and your throbbing cock is in my throat. My hair is gathered in your fists and you are slamming yourself inside of my mouth. You know that it has been too long since you have touched me and you are going to cum fairly quickly. So you don’t give me a break, and I am dripping down my legs, my pussy begging for your attention. I feel you release your hot juices into my throat and I swallow, obediently.

    You pull me up by my hair and rip your nails through my lace panties. I make a mental note to yell at you for this later. You push my face against the wall, and start to massage my clit. Bringing me to the edge, stopping just as I begin to orgasm. You say, “darling, you don’t get to cum without my permission.” We hear someone enter the stall next to us, and for fun you ram your cock into my swollen pussy. Your pulsating in and out of me and I am trying my best to keep my moans to myself. You whisper, go ahead and orgasm baby. I let go and can’t help but release a loud sign of relief, I hear your muffled moans in my ear and know you are coming again as well.

    The man in the next stall is startled and we laugh as we dress ourselves. We shamelessly leave the stall hand in hand, smiling at the man washing his hands. You smack my bottom and say, “welcome home baby”.


  13. Anonymous said: Do you know how long it takes between submitting and posting, usually? I mean obviously it varies depending on how many submissions, but I was wondering if there was an (approximate) way to know. Thanks!! :)

    I got like 400 messages here, and I already submitted like a good quarter so far. It takes a day to a week since I’ve been more active lately. 


  14. Lost in the erotica aisles


    In an infinite library do the lesser-thumbed books ever feel neglected?

    Imagine wandering absent-mindedly through the towering canyons of shelves. Each book silently calling: pick me, choose me, read me. I’ll arouse your mind, I’ll fill your imagination with imagery you never thought you could conceive. Every now and then you stop, plucking a book from the nearest shelf to test its worthiness, evaluating its title, the claims on its back, even the musty woody scent of its pages. 

    What was it that drew you to the erotica section? Did you find your way here by chance? What made you halt amongst the spanking books?

    At random, you pluck a book from the shelf. This one is called Waiting - it has a stark monochrome cover of what looks like an austere old-fashioned schoolroom. Dwarfed within the expanse of empty space is a young lady, who’s standing facing a wall with her hands upon her head. She’s so small it’s difficult to make out details, but there appears to be a dark band above her ears. You turn over to read the blurb on the back, it describes itself as a story of apprehension, obedience and impatience. And there’s a quote from the story, from an unnamed protagonist:

    “I’ve punished too many recalcitrant minxes to be sure of her sincerity. At first, most I punish are only really sorry they’ve been caught. But by the time they leave this room, their bottoms glowing, their sorrow tends to be genuine.”

    Sounds mysterious… perhaps it’s worth a read.

    Or maybe you’ll continue browsing. You pluck another book from the shelf - this one is entitled Cosmopolitan. The colours of its cover image are washed out, as if the scene had been photographed long ago. A group of giggling schoolgirls are hiding around a corner, unseen by a teacher in gown and mortarboard who stands in the distance, hands on hips, as if searching for someone. On the back, the book is described as a story of role-playing and fantasies made real, and teases the potential reader by asking…

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