1. The New Hire

    Hi! So here’s a link to a fantasy of mine, the whole fresh faced youngster thing. I have a recurring fantasy of being taking advantage of due to my shyness and naivety. :) If you think it’s interesting share it :)



    full text: (feel free to link to my blog if you do use it, I’d like more followers as I’ve only been using tumblr for 5 days :P)

    The office is cool and sterile, the warmth of human activity drowned by clickety clack of computers and the soft hum of the copier. Fresh faced, bubbly, I enthusiastically tackle my spreadsheet assignment, my legs crossed as tightly as big thighs can be beneath my mauve pencil skirt. My princess cut blouse is slightly small for my bosom, but it fits my waist and is a lovely shade of champagne pink, so I bought it. It brings out the warm undertones of my medium dark skin. I do my best work when I look and feel good, and I couldn’t wait to show my new boss I am a worthy hire.

    At my interview for this entry level position, I am aware of a slight tension in my throat as I answer the questions of the older but strikingly handsome man in front of me. I feel nervous. This is the second interview round and I am aware that I am speaking to the boss. My hand shakes as I hand over my résumé, my smile sincere but a tad dishonest. I am terrified. Will he like me? Why do I care? I regain focus. He asks questions. I answer. He laughs! And at the ending, I am hired! We stand up to shake hands, and I walk ahead of him. My black slacks are thick, my matching blazer the same thickness, but as I walk ahead of him, I feel a jolt of cold electricity from my neck to my toes.

    With this tension a stark memory, I am shaken from my reminisces with a soft but firm tap on my shoulder. I sit up straighter as the boss calls my name. It sounds like a caress, but I know this is due to the huskiness of his voice, not for any sort of special reason. “Come to my office for a bit, I have an urgent request that can use your eye.”

    I’m ecstatic! The boss notices me after a week of work and I’m getting a special assignment!

    As I enter the spacious office, with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline, the now familiar sense of nervousness echoes through me as my boss closes the door behind me. “Sit, sit.” I sit. “Now. Before we start. I wanted to congratulate you and officially welcome you to the team. Now tell me. How can I help you make your transition into this post college world… smoother?” I don’t know why, but my underwear feel tight and I cannot keep my legs still. “Um, well, thank you so much! Mainly I’m still learning the ropes-” What was that against my leg? “——, are you alright?” “Yes, yes I am. Sorry. I felt something along my leg.” Why am I shivering? Focus! “Anyway, as I was saying, mainly I am learning the ropes and I’ve talked to Claudine and she has been immensely helpful…” My voice trails off. I am distinctly aware that what I feel is his shoe. And I knew it all along. I involuntarily move my leg up. “Oh sorry!” I am mortified. I could be mistaken and now I have inappropriately touched my boss! I am now even more nervous, and my underwear feel even wetter and tighter. I’m so embarrassed by my reaction. My boss then gives me the most intense stare of my life. After a seemingly long moment, he asks, “Why are you sorry?” “Um, pardon?” “Why are you sorry?” That’s when I realize he isn’t as old as I thought he was. His wavy hair is thick, with no signs of gray, and he has minimal wrinkles, but his eyes sparkle with warmth, intelligence, and daresay- mischief? He then flashes a brilliant grin. It radiates across the room and into my heart. “I am going to shock you, ——. Do you know what I am about to say?” “No…” I whisper. But it is a lie. He leans forward. His voice is a medley of baritone and playfulness.”I liked it.” “Pardon?” By then, his foot is not just a mistake. His shoe whispers against my stockinged ankle, he leans back, and as he still caresses it with deft vertical strokes- “I liked it.”

    At this point I have no idea what to say. I am frozen, my arms tightly hugging the chair as he continues to stroke my lower leg. Inadvertently, a small moan escapes my throat and I unfreeze enough to cover my mouth. “No.” He demands, and I quickly remove my hand. I don’t know how he can hold such intensity in his eyes. “Moan for me again.” He begins to press his leg more firmly against and higher up my leg, and a moan escapes my throat again without my permission. I’m not sure what excites me more, his leg or his stare. Overwhelmed by sensation, I close my eyes and let out little whimpers of delight. I gasp. I feel hands. Encased within my fitted but roomy skirt, now taut, barely taking them both. The slow drive of my stockings from the home of my legs to their next destination, the floor. I don’t remember my shoes being taken off. The slow push of the wheeled chair. I open my eyes. My boss is coming from underneath the desk, pushing me as he comes up. My tights are a tangled pool and my shoes sit demurely, upright, a lie of innocence. My chair abruptly hits the wall and I skittishly look at the door. “Do not worry, my pet. No one ever interrupts me during a meeting.” He winks, and points towards a blackberry. “They ping me.”“Oh. Ok.” I’m really confused, a bit scared, but my underwear, now a mess, clothe a passionate hunger I hadn’t even known existed. “My pet.” I’ve never been called this but I immediately fall in love with the name. “Ye-yes boss?” “I need you to take off your panties.” “Sorry?” “Take off your panties, pet.” I begin to unzip my skirt, but he holds down my hand. His one hand overwhelms my two. “No. I said your panties.” “Okay.” I stand up to better reach my underwear. But he pushes me down. I am surprised by the strength concentrated in one hand. “No. Sit down.” I’m scared, and I hang my head. “I’m sorry.” He then surprises me again by caressing my face, lifting it skyward. He outlines my lips with his finger. “Such plump lips, pet. Do not be sorry my dear. You are nervous and that is understandable. Would you like me to help you pet, until you feel less nervous?” I feel it’s undetectable, but he nods to my nod, and laughs. He’s beautiful! “Of course my pet. Spread your legs.”

    A beep goes off and the spell is broken. He is visibly annoyed. He hurries to his desk, reads his phone, and speaks into his Bluetooth. “Yes? Well I am busy with our new hire, is this important right now? Alright. Give me five minutes. He hangs up. He then looks at me. “Pet, pull down your skirt, hide your shoes and tights under my desk. Hurry!” I jump out my chair and trip, but before I fall he catches me. I feel his strong arms underneath his suit jacket and I moan. “Shhh pet. Focus.” He stands me up, I pull down my skirt, and I push my tights and shoes further under his desk. I look at my boss expectantly from the floor. “My you look delicious in that position… Now sit.” I sit. “Scoot your chair close to the desk. Keep your feet hidden. Good girl.”

    Right after I sit there is a light rap on the door. My boss is somehow back at the desk, a spreadsheet opened on his computer and my name as the title. “Come in!” In walks an older man in his late forties. “Ah, so this is the new hire. I’ve heard so much about you!” “Pleasure meeting you sir,” as I start to rise, forgetting my feet’s nakedness. “No sit sit! I’ll be quick. Now, James…” And I tune out to the business talk, not by choice, but because I’m aware that my boss’s now shoeless foot is once again circling my now bare leg… As I try to maintain my composure, my boss looks at me and winks.

    Finally, after an eternity, the older man finally leaves the room. As though on wings, my boss quickly walks to and shuts the door, smiles devilishly, and whispers, “now, where were we, my pet?”

  2. Last Night

    I take your hand in mine and walk you to the bed, sitting you down and taking a step back. My hands travelling over my body, one lifting my shirt the other unbuttoning my pants. My pants reach the floor as my shirt follows soon after. I tease you rubbing myself against your lap as I unfasten my bra, sliding it off and bending infront of you as I slip off my panties, not letting you touch me yet. Naked now I straddle you pulling your shirt over your head and placing kisses on your lips, down your jaw, and soon after your neck. My hands run down your chest and quickly remove your pants, then boxers. I kiss down your body making my way ont my knees. I look up at you before I run my tongue up and down the shaft, and start playing with the slit. Pulling just the head into my mouth, I continue swirling my tongue around you before I force you down my throat, gripping your hips and bobbing my head up and down on your thick cock. 

    I look up at you and suck hard around you, my small mouth sliding up the length of your cock before I straddle you. I slide my wet pussy over your cock, rubbing against you teasingly while I run your hands down my body and kiss your neck. I whine in your ear, your throbbing cock making me drip with excitement. My eyes meet yours as I’m sliding the tip into my soaking wet entrance and slowly lowering myself until you’re deep inside me. I pull you out of me, painfully slow, letting you feel my pussy quiver around you. Hovering above you for a moment and watching your reaction I slam you back inside me, biting your neck and moaning as I start to ride you, my wet pussy running up and down your shaft and my nails digging into your sides. I lean back riding you faster, my hands running up my body as I moan your name and grind agasint your thick, swollen cock. My hips start to circle letting you feel me  from every angle and I grip your shoulders moaning louder and louder. The moans start turning to screams of pleasure as I tighten around you and my body tenses, dragging my nails down your back my chest pressed into yours and my hard nipples rubbing against you only making me moan more.

     I whine into your ear “Baby, I’m going to cum.” and bite down hard on your shoulder letting myself tighten around you even more. I slide myself off of your cock and force it back down my throat, massaging you with my tongue until your hot cum fills my mouth. I swallow your load, and kiss my way back up your body with one final kiss, placed passionately on your lips.

  3. My lesbian fantasy

    You are sitting in your room looking in the mirror , not paying attention to me walking near you . I step forward to you, and grab you from behind. covering your mouth so you cannot scream. I look at you in the mirror eyes wide in terror & whispering in your ear . I tell you to stand up and move to your bed and all I can hear is you whimper behind my hand and I smile enjoying the knowledge that in a few short minutes you will be screaming in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I simply watched as you say there nerves to see what was going to happen next . I spread your legs apart and scooted closer to you. I kissed my way down to you neck and paused to suck on your boobs . it felt so good around your nipples. You moaned a little and i told you to “Shhhhh!” because i wanted you to keep all the noises in but returned all of my attention to your body. I started to slowly moved closer and closer to your pussy , kissing , licking & slightly touching you all over . I started licking up and down through out your inner thigh . Gently touching your wet pussy . I paused for a moment , looking around the room . I started to walk away for a second and you began to ask me a question . I quickly told you just ” shh ” again & that you were not able to talk to me . ” You were in complete shock of an ice cube suddenly touching your dripping pussy. I was sliding it all around your pussy making you gasp and buck. The melting water mixed with your own hot juices started to run down your thighs. C You pulled your legs together and the ice cube slid right on to your hard clit and you gasped , thrusting your hips up. It was exciting to see you react this way . I reached down and pushed the icecube in circular motions and sliding it all around your wet pussy lips , then on to your clit and back down… This was a lot for you at that moment & you tried to move your pussy away but i wouldn’t let you by gripping one thigh down and pulling you back in place . Without warning i put two fingers in you. You gasped. I started to move in & out hard. You shake and twist at the sudden overwhelming pleasure. I looked up to see you bitting your lip . I licked your clit and pulled my fingers out. You body wasn’t twisting anymore but my tongue in your pussy kept you shaking. I rubbed your thighs and nipples while sucking on your clit . Every time you moved i held you down so you couldn’t go any where . Without you knowing again I put two fingers in you again . The moans got louder . I started to suck on your pussy & finger you. Your moans turned me on , soaking my panties . As i slowly added another finger you grabbed my hair & pushed my face into your warm wet pussy . I circled my tongue around your swollen clit . Sucking and licking all around while my fingers go faster . You arched your back & moan . they got longer and louder . As i keep up what i was doing you gripped my hair even more . Begging me not to stop i felt your body tighten up around my fingers . I keep going , sucking and licking your wet pussy and clit until you came . I hear a load moan and you panting while coming . I quickly pull my fingers out and stick my tongue in that pussy and swallow all of your juices ! You taste so sweat . I look up at you , slowly panting and i crawl up & kiss you , letting you taste how sweet and great you are . You look at me and smile & say how much you love me . I say it back & we fall asleep cuddling . THE FUCKING END .”

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     It took a lot to submit but it also took a long time to accept my body for how amazing it is:) 

     It took a lot to submit but it also took a long time to accept my body for how amazing it is:) 

  6. The Waterwheel


    Water trickling

    water gurgling

    surging splashing

    sploshy burbling

    Wooden wheel

    tirelessly turning

    spun by cascading

    torrents churning

    O I’m such a naughty girl!

    On sunny days I love to take

    A whippy whacking rod

    One to make my bottom ache

    Naughty me, I’m quite undressed

    Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

    A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

    Down to my secret spanking nook…

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    Post the link to my page too, please :)

    Post the link to my page too, please :)

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